About esteASMR

esteASMR is a South Korean ASMR artist based in South Korea specialising in Massage, Spa and Ear cleaning ASMR.

esteASMR creates ASMR content that uses ASMR triggers such as massage tools and brushing movements to help you relax and sleep.

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What people like about esteASMR

Most people enjoy how relaxing her video content is.

ASMR Tingle Rating for IesteASMR

We rate esteASMR ASMR Stars 4 out of 5 on our unique ASMR tingle rating!

esteASMR Channel Information & Stats

esteASMR real name: Este

YouTube: Channel – URL

You Tube ID: @esteASMR

Categories: Massage, Facial Massage, Ear Cleaning, Spa Treatments

Channel Launch: Joined 6 Feb 2022

Subscribers: 232k

Total Views: 52,900,861 views

Total number of videos: 208 videos

Typical video Length: 32 minutes

Typical number of people in the video: 2

Release schedule: 1 per week

The most popular video here on the esteASMR YouTube Channel is ‘ASMR / I cried after receiving the best massage from the artisan in Seoul ~ unintentional asmr’.

This video currently has over 2.6m views!

esteASMR ASMR Triggers

esteASMR has a wide variety of ASMR triggers including massage, hand movements, ear cleaning, back massage, shoulder massage, neck massage, hair brushing, facial massage and nail care.

There should be something there to give you some tingles!

Key Benefits for you from esteASMR

In my experience the main ASMR benefits that you get from esteASMR include being relaxed and helping you to sleep.

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esteASMR ASMR Social Channels

esteASMR currently has the following Social channels where you can get new and different content to her main YouTube channel.

Instagram here

esteASMR Instagram information & Stats

esteASMR Instagram here

Profile: asmr_este

Number of posts: 44

Number of followers: 868

Following: 0

Bio: este

Location: South Korea

Date joined: June 2022

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