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  8. Two of the most popular ASMR videos from ASMR Twix
  9. 1. Soft spoken Scalp clean
  10. 2. Beautician with 45 years experience – soft spoken treatment
  11. Our favourite ASMR Twix video -Jawline fixed in Japan
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About ASMR Twix

ASMR Twix, also known as Twixes, is a Japanese based ASMR content creator with over 700k subscribers and she specialises in Spa, Facials, Scalp treatments and Massages.

She has a very gentle delivery which means her videos are great for helping you calm down, relax and sleep.

Find out why we love her videos, which are her most popular styles and what are her key triggers. And what are her main quirks and features!

Tingle Rating for ASMR Twix

I love how Twixes is always so calm and the variety of spa treatments she gets is amazing. So I rate her 4.5 stars!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Channel Information: ASMR Twix

ASMR Twix Real Name: Twixes (fan name, closest i could find!)

YouTube: ASMR Twix here

Categories: Spa, Massage, Role Play, Haircut, Make Up, Facials

Video Location: Spa, House, Hair Salon

Channel Live: 2020

Subscribers: 734k

Total Views: 135m

Total Videos: 162

Country: Japan

Nationality / Ethnicity: Japanese (unconfirmed)

D.O.B. July 10 1997 (unconfirmed)

Age: 26

Most likely to say: ‘Please take care of me’

Least likely to say: ‘Let me have another go on that hammock!’

Typical video Length: 25 minutes to 35 minutes

Typical number of people in the video: 2

ASMR Twix Ethnicity: Japanese

ASMR Twix – ASMR Triggers

  • Soft spoken
  • Massages
  • Hair brushing
  • Role play
  • Spa treatments
  • Personal attention
  • Ear massages
  • Scalp check
  • Skin Touching
  • Palpation
  • Make up
  • Facials
  • Gua Sha
  • Head massage
  • Brushing
  • Rubbing
  • Hand massage
  • Hair washing
  • Hair shampoo
  • Face massage

Key Benefits for you from ASMR Twix

  • Very relaxing and calming – she is always so serene it will make you feel so comfortable
  • Ideal for those with insomnia or needing to get to sleep
  • Easy watching if you need to feel safe and secure
  • Good for releasing tension and stress

Quirks and features of ASMR Twix:

The channel ASMR Twix is named after the Twix chocolate bar as there are two bars of chocolate. (So shouldn’t they be called Twix ASMR?!)

And Twixes is joined by her sister ‘Camerasister’ who does all the filming of the videos.

Twixes has an online shop which sells Terahertz massage and facial tools here. (Brilliantly called ‘Please take care of me’)

What I like about ASMR Twix

I love that all of her content is unsponsored so you get a proper review of each Spa

Her content, while created for ASMR is really unintentional ASMR as there is nothing contrived about how the it is made

I love how gentle the videos are. Twixes always manages to find great people to work with who have a similar ‘soft’ approach

It makes watching her videos very comfortable and soothing

I like that she often does a wrap up on how effective the treatments have been

The subtitles in English are really useful to understand what some of the processes are actually doing

These are the two most popular styles of ASMR videos from ASMR Twix.

We feature these to give you an idea of what makes her so popular!

First off is a full on scalp clean the style of which is actually her most most popular video. So people obviously like a good scalp clean video for ASMR!

The second type of video from Twixes is a facial from a very experienced aesthetician; which is unbelievably relaxing.

1. Soft spoken Scalp clean

The scalp clean is a supper popular type of video for Twixes and this one goes into a lot of detail with a camera focussing on her roots and scalp to show how clean they are.

After the scalp consolation is finished Twixes has her head steamed and ‘towel bathed’ before having a shampoo and scalp and head massage.

She then has a neck massage, and her hair is semi dried while she has a firm head and shoulder massage. Which looks great and very relaxing!

Finishing of with a juice tea and full drying before checking how clean her scalp is now (very clean) her hair is straightened and brushed.

This video has now been combined with some others to make a three hour long scalp cleaning video!

If soft spoken, massaging, brushing and shampooing are your triggers then this video will work well for you.

ASMR Twix Scalp Cleaning extended video
ASMR Twix Scalp Cleaning extended video

2. Beautician with 45 years experience – soft spoken treatment

This is a lovely video as Twixes visits a beautician with 45 years experience for a full facial (including lower body) treatment.

This seems to involve a lot of soft pinching, massaging, palpation and flicking of the skin. Looks heavenly!

As a lot of the comments say the beautician (Miyuki Murayama san) has a really nice ‘motherly’ energy and is also very soft spoken.

There then follows a really soothing face and upper body massage. A lot of it is really delicate, soft touch and then there is also the flicking and pinching of the jawline. Presumably to tighten it all up. There is also light acupressure performed on sensitive areas.

Finishing off there is a a deep moisturizer placed on Twixes face with a short head and hand massage.

This video is perfect if you need to get to sleep. It is just so relaxing.

Experienced beautician in a spa by ASMR Twix
Experienced beautician in a spa by ASMR Twix

Our favourite ASMR Twix video -Jawline fixed in Japan

This was one of the first Twixes videos I watched and it drew me into having a look at more of her content.

As seems to always be the case with the people Twixes works with they are very gentle and softly spoken. This makes for a restful and relaxing watching experience.

Having your jaw line ‘fixed’ when it doesn’t seem to be ‘broken’ was a new one for me. And having micro flaws pointed out must be a bit soul destroying!

The process seems to be one of a lot of manipulation, gentle and not so gentle prodding and massaging.

The end result is that Twixes is really pleased with how sharp her jawline looks after this totally natural process.

There are a lot of ASMR triggers in this video such as palpation, hair brushing, acupressure, massage, hands on skin and scalp inspections.

Getting a jawline fixed by ASMR Twix
Getting a jawline fixed by ASMR Twix

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ASMR Twix Social Channels

ASMR Twix has a few Social channels that she is active on including her Please Take care of me channel on Instagram and her website where she sells her self care tools and birthstone ear ring collections.

ASMR Twix on Instagram

Instagram: here for her main Insta account!

Instagram Channel Name: asmr.twix

Posts: 181

Followers: 30.5k

Following: 400

Category: Digital Creator

Located: Japan

Date joined: March 2021

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I find ASMR Twix soooo good for falling asleep to!

So you may like the Top 10 videos for falling asleep to that we have created. Happy sleeping!

Please note the tingle ratings are all subjective – make your own mind up by watching Twixes’s videos!