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Cleo Abrahams
Cleo Abrahams

Cleo Abrahams – who is she?

Cleo Abrahams is a South African ASMR Artist based in China who creates massage, skin care and Spa style ASMR videos alongside her Italian partner Alex Fabb.

Cleo will entertain you as you relax and enjoy her Chinese Spa experiences to help you sleep!

Her ASMR triggers include those from massages, Tui Na, reflexology and Reiki.

She has over 320k subscribers and more than 125 million channel views from her 220+ videos.

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Cleo Abrahams Personal Information

Cleo Abrahams real name is Cleo Abrahams (I know, people do ask about this!)

Cleo Abrahams age is 25

Cleo Abrahams was born in 2002

Cleo Abrahams nationality is South African

Cleo Abrahams lives in China

Cleo Abrahams has visited Bali, Malaysia and Vietnam as well as China!

Her boyfriend is fellow YouTuber Alex Fabb from Italy – who we think is errr, fabb!! (Sorry, too good an opportunity to not make a bad joke)

Her contact email is – dont spam her, or him, business only please!

What I like about Cleo Abrahams

I like the variety of treatments she has. Chinese Spas are the best!

And that she is prepared to go through some pain and endurance for our benefit.

Although I am sure she feels loads better afterwards!

Benefits of of watching Cleo Abrahams content

I find watching Cleo’s Youtube content a bit of a mix of very chilled, sometimes exhausting and always interesting!

A lot of people comment they vicariously experience the massages Cleo has. And that they are very relaxing to watch. I agree!

ASMR Triggers from Cleo Abrahams

Cleo uses ASMR triggers styles such as cupping (always popular in China!), foot massages, moxibustion, head massages, Thai massages, acupuncture, Gua Sha, Tui Na and reflexology.

Similar ASMR Artists to Cleo Abrahams

Here are some ASMR artists that I think are similar to Cleo Abrahams that you may want to check out.

Alex Fabb – Italian boyfriend of Chloe in China he often gets similar Spa treatments to chloe

ShiliTv – South Korean style but very similar treatments as Cleo

Alex FaBB - Italian ASMR Artist in China
Alex FaBB
ShiliTV ASMR Artist
ShiliTV ASMR Artist

Cleo Abrahams Tingle Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Cleo Abrahams has some really cool Spa style treatments that are super relaxing.

So she gets 4 stars on our ASMR Tingle ratings!

Cleo Abrahams YouTube Channel Information

Cleo Abrahams YouTube channel here is growing in popularity and her ID is @cleoabrahams.

She has over 320k subscribers and has 175 million views from over 220+ videos she has published since she joined YouTube in 2021.

She is usually alone in her videos (but has done collabs with Alex Fabb) which are recorded on site at the Spas she visits.

Her ASMR videos are typically about 25 minutes long and she publishes new content about twice a week.

Cleo Abrahams other channels

Cleo Abrahams has a number of other social channels and her own website.

Instagram here and TikTok here and her website here.

Please note tingle ratings are all subjective – make your own mind up by watching Cleo Abrahams’s videos!