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Who is beez asmr?

beez asmr (real name Brynne Harder) is a 25 year old American ASMR Artist who creates ASMR Roleplay, Hand Movement & Whispering video content.

beez asmr will, in her own words, help you relax and sleep.

She has over 160k subscribers and more than 35 million channel views from her 400+ videos.

Her ASMR triggers to give you tingles include hand movements, fast and unpredictable, inaudible, paper sounds, tracing, tapping, personal attention, tongue clicking, lofi, hair play, mic scratching, mouth sounds, nail sounds, plucking, reiki and hauls.

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beez asmr Personal Information

beez asmr real name is Brynne Harder

beez asmr age is 25

She was born on October 24th 1998

beez asmr’s nationality is American

beez asmr speaks English

beez asmr has visited Mexico, Bahamas, Florida & the Nappa Valley

beez asmr has a pet dog called Teddy (I used to as well!), a pet cat called Tango and horse called Seb

beez asmr social channels details

beez asmr YouTube channel is here and her ID is @beezasmr

beez asmr is on Instagram with her ASMR channel here

Beez asmr also has her personal Brynne Harder Instagram channel here

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