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About ASMR Darling

ASMR Darling is a US based ASMR Artist, and Twitch streamer, who creates roleplay, personal attention and whispering ASMR videos.

Her main aim is to help you relax and get sleep, sleep, sleep!

Her ASMR triggers include face touching, affirmations, ear to ear whispering, mic brushing and hair play.

ASMR Darling Personal Information

  • ASMR Darling’s real name is Taylor Darling
  • ASMR Darling was born on May 14 1997 and is 26 years old
  • ASMR Darling’s Nationality is American
  • She currently lives in Florida
  • ASMR Darling family include a sister & brother
  • ASMR Darling has 2 dogs called Arya and Archie
  • Both here sister and dogs have appeared in her ASMR videos
  • ASMR Darling has an online merch store, natch, here where you can buy t shirts, hoodies, stickers and mugs
ASMR Darling and her dogs Ayra and Archie
ASMR Darling & her dogs Ayra and Archie
ASMR Darling Sunset
ASMR Darling at Sunset

Did you know this about ASMR Darling?

ASMR Darling is a keen actress and has featured in film and TV including in 2016 her own TV show.

This was 4 episodes long and rates 7.9/10 on IMDB here!

ASMR Darling Tingle Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

ASMR Darling has some amazingly varied, and multiple, triggers.

So she gets 4.5 stars on our ASMR Tingle ratings!

ASMR Darling Channel Information

  • YouTube: ASMR Darling here
  • YouTube ID: @theasmrdarling
  • ASMR Darling catchphrase is ‘Hey, it’s me!’
  • Categories: Ear to Ear Whisper, Personal Attention, Tapping, Roleplay, Make Up
  • Channel Launch: 2014
  • Subscribers: 2.5m
  • Total views: 626m
  • Total Videos: 288
  • Country: USA
  • Setting: Studio
  • Video Production: 1 to 2 per month
  • Average video length: 25 minutes
  • Typical number of people in videos: 1

ASMR Triggers from ASMR Darling

ASMR Darling has a large number of ASMR triggers including water sounds, hand movements, hair play, whispering, scalp massage, face touching and microphone brushing. She has loaaaaads!

ASMR Darling similar ASMR Artists

Here are some similar ASMR artists that I think have a similar vibe to ASMR Darling.

Scottish Murmurs is a very funny and Scottish ASMRtist who does great roleplay ASMR content. And Creative Calm does some really nice guided hypnosis content.

Scottish Murmurs ASMR
Scottish Murmurs
Creative Calm ASMR
Creative Calm ASMR

ASMR Darling’s most popular video here is ‘ASMR 20 Triggers To Help You Sleep’ from 2017.

It currently has an astonishing 39 million views and is a compilation of 20 ASMR triggers including whispering, tapping, face touching and fluttering fingers. Must be a trigger there for you!

ASMR Darling on Instagram

ASMR Darlings main Instagram channel here.

Channel Name is asmrdarling

Bio: Hey… it’s me.. ASMR Daaarling 💆‍♀️ #ASMR helps People ❤️

Posts: 710

Followers: 208k

Following: 219

Date joined: March 2016

ASMR Darling on TikTok

ASMR Darling TikTok Channel: here

Twitter Name: theasmrdarling

Bio: that weird whisper girl uwu

Following: 66

Followers: 154k

Likes: 4m

ASMR Darling other channels

You can also find her on her other YouTube channel here @TaylorDarling where she creates content on vlogs, gaming and fun! Join over 230k other subscribers!

She is also on Twitch here where she stream weekly o her 120k+ subs

And, busy, busy, on Facebook here

About Us, well me really

Please note tingle ratings are all subjective – make your own mind up by watching ASMR Darling’s videos!