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Who is ASMR Fixy?

ASMR Fixy (aka Rapunzel ASMR) is a Belgium based ASMR Artist who creates ‘fast, aggressive, chaotic and unpredictable ASMR videos’. And some bloopers as well.

She has over 105k subscribers and nearly 23m channel views from her 300 videos which are here.

Her ASMR triggers include fast and aggressive style, chaotic roleplays, fast hand movements, medical exams, fast haircuts, chaotic style, whispering, brushing, scratching and spit painting.

All done at high speed and intensity!

ASMR Fixy Bio & Personal Information

ASMR Fixy real name is Ann Van den Broeck

ASMR Fixy is from Belgium

ASMR Fixy is also known as ASMR Rapunzel – here

ASMR Fixy is engaged to Simon Nielsen and has a daughter called Sofia and a son Alexander

ASMR Fixy is 37 years old and was born on September 1 1986

Ann Van den Broeck is on Instagram here – she has 12k followers

Ann Van den Broeck is on Facebook here

Ann Van den Broeck also has another third YouTube channel focussed on intense whispering here – 10k followers

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Why you will like ASMR Fixy

A lot of ASMRtists will occasionally create a fast and aggressive style of ASMR video.

ASMR Fixy goes all in and creates hundreds! So if you are looking for fast, chaotic, unpredictable, roleplay to help you sleep.

Then you are in the right place!

I also like how she really goes for it with content such as 9 roleplays in 24 minutes or fast and aggressive for ADHD with instructions!

I think the ADHD angle is good and anecdotally from comments I have seen comments that these types of videos really help with anxiety and depression*.

ASMR is often associated with a really slow, deliberately so, pace.

This is the reverse, full of energy and super quick changes so, if like me, you have a rubbish attention span check her out.

*Obviously ASMR videos are for entertainment purposes only so do seek professional medical advice if you need to