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Brittney May ASMR
Brittney May ASMR

About Brittney May ASMR

Brittney May ASMR is a Canadian based ASMR Artist who creates medical, personal attention and whispering ASMR videos.

Brittney suffered from migraines and sleep issues so if you also have trouble with these her videos may help you.

Her ASMR triggers include hand movements, whispering, cranial nerve exams, hair play and measuring.

Brittney May ASMR Personal Information

  • Brittney May ASMR’s real name is Brittney May
  • Brittney May ASMR’s Nationality is Canadian
  • She may live in Calgary, Alberta
  • Brittney May ASMR has had a boyfriend/partner since 2018

What I like about Brittney May ASMR

What I really like about Brittney May ASMR is the whole personal attention thing.

She does this across so many types of ASMR such as Doctor, Hairdresser, Eye Exams, Pampering and also fast paced ASMR.

So if that is your sort of thing it’s probably well worth a look at her content!

She is also super consistent producing content regularly on Wednesday and Saturdays. So if you need a new fix you can rely on Brittney!

Brittney May ASMR Tingle Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Brittney May ASMR has some cool ASMR triggers and will occasionally unleash a whole load of new ones to try out on you!

So she gets a nice high 4.5 stars on our ASMR Tingle ratings!

Brittney May ASMR Channel Information

  • YouTube: Brittney May ASMR here
  • YouTube ID: @BrittneyMay
  • Categories: Personal Attention, Roleplay, Medical, Haircut
  • Channel Launch: 2013
  • Subscribers: 120k
  • Total views: 22m
  • Total Videos: 319
  • Country: Canada
  • Setting: Studio
  • Video Production: 2 per week
  • Average video length: 22 minutes
  • Typical number of people in videos: 1

ASMR Triggers from Brittney May ASMR

Brittney May ASMR has a large number of ASMR triggers including soft spoken whispering, inaudible mumbling, hand movements, light movement, eating sounds, crunching sounds, measuring, stroking and brushing.

Brittney May ASMR similar ASMR Artists

Here are some similar ASMR artists that I think compliment Brittney May ASMR.

Mad P ASMR creates loads of good medical exam content with a similar voice style.

And Abby ASMR creates really good Fast and Aggressive ASMR if you like that. I do!


Brittney May ASMR’s most popular video here is ‘ASMR Full Body Examination (Personal Attention)’ from 2022.

It currently has over 1 million views and is a full body examination with ASMR triggers including writing, hand movements, light play, soft spoken and manipulation. Pretty sure my Doctor isn’t as thorough as this!

Brittney May on TikTok

Brittney May is on TikTok here

She has 442 followers, is following 396 people and has 2,803 likes

Brittney May ASMR on Instagram

Brittny May ASMR Instagram channel here.

Channel Name is brittneymay__

Bio: Video creator asmrtist ✿ 120K

Posts: 115

Followers: 6,857

Following: 398

Based in Canda

Date joined: January 2013

Brittney May ASMR other channels

You can also find her on her wish list on Throne here if you would like to gift her a pressie or two!

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