Jules ASMR

Jules ASMR -  Fast & Aggressive
Jules ASMR – Fast & Aggressive

Jules ASMR

About Jules ASMR

Jules ASMR is an American ASMR Artist who produces ASMR content featuring fast and aggressive mouth sounds along with whispering and tapping.

Key ASMR triggers include wet and dry mouth sounds, spit painting, scratching and hand movements.

The main benefits of watching her videos are to help you have fun, sleep easier and to reduce anxiety.

ASMR Tingle Rating

Jules is really good at what she does. Fast and Aggressive with wet and dry mouth sounds. So a solid 4 stars from me!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Jules ASMR Channel Information

  • Jules ASMR real name: Jules
  • YouTube: Jules ASMR here
  • YouTube ID: @JulesAsmr8
  • Categories: Fast and Aggressive, Mouth Sounds, Whispers, Rambling, Tapping, Hand Sounds
  • Channel ASMR Benefits: Sleep, fun, relax, reduce anxiety
  • Channel Launch: 2018
  • Subscribers: 70k
  • Total views: 9m
  • Total Videos: 135
  • Country: USA
  • Nationality: American, possibly New York
  • Setting: Studio
  • Video Production: 2 to 3 per week
  • Average video length: 22 minutes
  • Typical number of people in videos: 1
  • Jules is NOT on Instagram – she was briefly, but not any more

Triggers from Jules ASMR

Jules has a number of ASMR triggers to help you relax and get tingles.

These include:

Hand movements, wet mouth sounds, scratching, rubbing, dry mouth sounds, stroking, soft spoken, whispering, personal attention, tapping, mic sounds, skin scratching, shirt scratching, spit painting

Jules ASMR’s most popular video here is a Fast & Aggressive Wet & Dry mouth sounds. It currently has nearly 610k views.

This has the sort of noises I make when concentrating on something!

I am not sure how relaxing it is but it has some good tingly sounds and hand movements along with some spit painting as well!

Jules ASMR on TikTok

Jules has a TikTok channel which appears to be her only current Social channel.

She did have an Instagram account for a while but it is no longer live.

Anyway, here are her TikTok channel stats:

TikTok channel: Here
Channel Name: julesasmr8
Bio: Goodnight 💚💚
Following: 0
Followers: 1279
Likes: 4,109
Videos: 13

Please note the tingle ratings are all subjective – make your own mind up by watching Jules’s videos!