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New ASMR exhibition at the Design Museum in London

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It is fascinating, and somehow validating to see there is an exhibition at the Design Museum in London focussing on ASMR.

Called ‘Weird Sensation Feels Good’ it runs until the 16th October 2022.

It brings ASMR into the physical world inviting you to ‘Step out from behind your screen and experience the world of ASMR in a shared space.’

There are some really cool and unique contraptions to help enable the visitor to feel what ASMR is and to share that with other visitors.

It’s nice to see Gibi ASMR, Haircut Harry (with Mr Shimomae from Kyoto) and Bob Ross feature in the exhbition as well!

Design Museum – Weird Sensation Feels Good

ASMR Artists – ‘finely attuned’

As the curator of the exhibition James Taylor-Foster says, ‘ASMR is trying to replicate touch’ and the exhibition is very hands on and tactile, allowing you to, perhaps, experience new feelings in a new way.

He goes on to say ‘ASMR Artists are some of the most finely attuned , material culturists in the world’. Which I think ties in very well with what we experience on a daily basis.

In that ASMR artists really understand the connection between materials and function but also how they have sensory attributes , to be exploited, as well.

Anyway, just a quick post sop if you are in London before the 16th October 2022 pop into the Design Museum and take part – IN REAL LIFE!

Cost is:
Weekday tickets:
Adult tickets from £9.50
Student tickets from £7.20
Family tickets from £21.00

Weekend tickets:
Adult tickets from £10.90
Student tickets from £9.75
Family tickets from £21.75

Book here

Exhibition curated in collaboration with ArkDes

The design movement of ASMR | Dezeen

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