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Painting ASMR

What is ASMR Painting?

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What is Painting ASMR?

Painting ASMR covers a few styles and techniques both directly related to painting, as in picture, portrait and landscape painting which are used by people watching videos to trigger ASMR tingles.

And of course no Painting ASMR topic would be complete without looking at Bob Ross. The undisputed King of ASMR Painting!

Painting ASMR - green paint on brush
Painting ASMR

Benefits of Painting ASMR

There are loads of benefits from watching painting being done.

Personally I find it very soporific and often get really drowsy watching things like Bob Ross do his thing!

So here are some other benefits you will get from viewing painting style content.

Sleep – watch Bob Ross and you will probably fall asleep!

Relaxation – just chill out and drift away

Calming – its so soothing you will feel super calm

A feeling of well being and serenity will wash over you!

ASMR Triggers from Painting Videos

  • Brush strokes on canvas
  • Palette knife scrapes on canvas
  • Quiet voice
  • Whispering
  • Brush cleaning
  • Brush slapping
  • ‘Washing’ the canvas
  • Picking up the paint
  • Cutting the paint
  • Rubbing
  • Grinding
  • Smearing paint
  • Tapping

Types of ASMR Painting

When you think of picture painting and ASMR you probably automatically imagine Bob Ross. He was such an icon of painting on TV and of course his shows were a classic case of unintentional ASMR. As indeed many painting videos are.

There are also many different types of ‘painting’ videos that are created purely for ASMR purposes.

For example there are landscape paintings, portrait paintings, watercolour paintings, sketchbook painting and oil paintings.

But what many of these have in common is the triggers that creating a painting produce. And this is what the video producers are looking to use in their videos.

Landscape Paintings – Bob Ross

Well we just had to start with Bob Ross. Bob is famous for his landscapes and also his style of painting. And he did it so well.

And of course we all know Bob ross ASMR is the best!

Of course he probably didn’t realise that his unique style was great for ASMR. But it works really well both in terms of his own personal way of presenting. And also when he is actually doing the painting.

When you think of Bob Ross and how he makes you feel, for me the feeling is one of serenity.

He has such a calm, relaxed and chilled presence and manner its so hard not to fall asleep watching him paint!

ASMR Triggers from (Bob Ross) landscape painting

  • Quiet voice
  • Whispering
  • Brushes on canvas
  • Palette knife scraping on canvas
  • Brush cleaning
  • Brush slapping
  • Close ups hand movements
  • Tapping
  • Scratching
The Grandeur of Summer Landscape - Bob Ross
The Grandeur of Summer Landscape – Bob Ross

Palette Knife Painting

I really like the use of a palette knife for those sharp, itchy, scraping sounds they give. You can have the really short quick sharp scrapes. Or the longer more drawn out scrapes. Both have a good ASMR value.

The video below was ‘made for ASMR’ and has some really good scraping action from the use of their palette knife.

It is also really good the way the paint is laid on thick and then drawn out across the canvas. Visually it is very ASMR appealing!

ASMR Triggers from palette knife painting

  • Scratching
  • Brushing
  • Scraping
  • Tapping
  • Whispering
  • Close up hand movements
Palette Knife Painting for ASMR
Palette Knife Painting for ASMR

Painting Restoration

One more from the unintentional ASMR crop of videos.

This video shows how a small icon is restored using various techniques. So for example there is the application of a glue to stabilize the paint. And a small flat iron to heat and set the glue.

All of this work is filmed up close, with a lot of attention to detail. So some nice ASMR triggers!

The icon is gradually brought back to life after fillers are used and resin based paints applied to complete the painting.

So how does this make you feel watching this restoration process?

Well, it’s all a very relaxing process. At least for those watching!

I think you get so involved in the detailed work being done that you tend to ‘lose yourself’. Which means it is great for relaxation, meditation and mood improvements. At least in the short term.

ASMR Triggers from a painting restoration

  • Painting glue
  • Ironing glue
  • Chiselling wood
  • Sawing wood
  • Rubbing off solvent
  • Painting in filler
  • Re touching of paint
  • Soft voice
Damaged small Icon fixed by Baumgartner Restoration
Damaged small Icon being repaired – ideal for ASMR

Traditional Japanese Printmaking: The Ukiyo-e Technique

This is a prime example of ‘unintentional ASMR’. And all the better for it as we see a craftsman at work.

It is fascinating to watch as Master printmaker Keiji Shinohara builds up the colours on the paper using 15 different blocks. Each one has its own colour.

The attention to detail, and the way he has such a light delicate and precise touch is great to watch. Everything is so deliberate. Ideal ASMR trigger territory!

There is a lot of brushing, laying down of paint. And smoothing out the crinkles in the paper using the oil from his cheek. And applying an even pressure on each layer .

The end results is amazing and worth all the time and effort Keiji Shinohara puts into it.
From an ASMR point of view this is a really relaxing process, very deliberate and even paced.

It makes you focus on what work is being done so you, at least temporarily, are able to empty your mind of immediate issues that may be affecting you.

ASMR Triggers from a painting restoration

  • Brushing
  • Smoothing crinkles from paper
  • Attention to detail
  • Scrubbing
  • Painting on wood
  • Softly spoken
  • Scissor snipping
Ukiyo-e Technique Traditional Japanese Printmaking - ASMR friendly
Ukiyo-e Technique Traditional Japanese Printmaking – ASMR friendly

Paint Making for ASMR

This is a fascinating process to watch. Not just for ASMR purposes. Its really interesting how the pigments are ground down, glycerin and honey (yes, bee honey!) added, and distilled water.

And then they are sort of smeared or mulled, to make into the smooth paint.

From an ASMR perspective I have done my best to try and accurately capture the trigger descriptions below.

Suffice to say there are quite a few good triggers from the grinding of the pigments, mulling or working the paints into a smooth consistency. And then of course actually being used at the end of the video in a watercolour painting.

ASMR Triggers from making paint

  • Crunch
  • Crushing pigments
  • Grinding pigments
  • Mixing pigments
  • Scraping pigments
  • Smearing the paint
  • Mulling the paint
  • Painting
Making Paint - Relaxing ASMR process
Making Paint – Relaxing ASMR process

ASMR Spit Painting

Spit painting for ASMR is one which I never really got into.

But for people who like mouth sounds and hand movements this works really well.

Basically the ASMRtist will be face on to the screen and use their fingers and spit from their mouth to draw on the screen.

As I said its really a lot of mouth sounds and hand movements over actual paintings.

Check out the videos here from Alicia at DiddlyASMR to see what it’s all about!

Best ASMR YouTube channels for ASMR Painting

A quick run down of links to the best painting YouTube channels for you to explore:

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