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Slight Sounds ASMR
Slight Sounds ASMR

Slight Sounds ASMR – who is she?

Slight Sounds ASMR is an American ASMR Artist who creates Personal Attention, Face Touching, Hand Movements and Mouth Sounds style ASMR videos.

She, in her own words, wants to create ‘a place for relaxation, peace and silliness!’ Sounds good to me!

Her ASMR triggers include tapping, tongue clicking and face measuring. And a lot more as well!

She has nearly 400k subscribers and close to 70 million channel views from her nearly 400+ videos.

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Slight Sounds ASMR Personal Information

Slight Sounds ASMR real name is unknown

Slight Sounds ASMR age is 29

Slight Sounds was born on the 22nd February 1994

Slight Sounds lives in the Midwest of the USA, possibly Chicago

Slight Sounds ASMR identifies as queer/pansexual

Slight Sounds ASMR pronouns are She/They

What I like about Slight Sounds ASMR

I like the layered sounds and close personal attention styles. These are very relaxing to watch and listen to.

I do like the simple but soft backgrounds she uses as this helps create a warm comforting ambience.

And the personal attention really does feel personal!

Benefits of of watching Slight Sounds ASMR content

I think a lot of folks commenting find that her content is really useful helping getting to sleep.

But also, many also find the style comforting and safe which is cool.

Another word which I see crop up is gentle – an underused word I think in general. But apt for Slight Sounds!

ASMR Triggers from Slight Sounds ASMR

Slight Sounds uses ASMR triggers styles that also include personal attention, role play, mouth sounds, hand movements, tapping, tongue clicking, keyboard noises, crinkling noises and face measuring.

Similar ASMR Artists to Slight Sounds ASMR

Here are a couple of ASMR artists that I think are similar to Slight Sounds that you may want to check out.

Articulate Design ASMR – Matt has a soft voice and does personal attention very well

beez asmr – creates soothing roleplay, hand movement & whispering to help you sleep

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Articulate Design ASMR
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Slight Sounds ASMR Tingle Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Slight Sounds ASMR has a really empathetic style that I know you will love. So she gets a high 4.5 stars from me!

Slight Sounds ASMR YouTube Channel Information

Slight Sounds ASMR‧ YouTube channel here and her ID is @SlightSoundsASMR

She has nearly 400k subscribers and has close to 70+ million views from 400+videos she has published since she joined YouTube in 2013.

She is usually alone in her videos with a simple background styling.

Her ASMR videos are typically about 20 minutes long.

She publishes new ASMR content about once a week.

Slight Sounds ASMR other channels

Slight Sounds ASMR‧has a number of other social channels.

She is actively involved on Twitch here – streaming several times a week.

Her ASMR Instagram is here and includes fashion as well as ASMR

Slight Sounds ASMR TikTok here where she has over 165k followers.

For fashion she is here where she has 257 followers – go check her out!

Please note tingle ratings are all subjective – make your own mind up by watching Slight Sounds ASMR videos!