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Sirimiri ASMR

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Sirimiri ASMR
Sirimiri ASMR

Who is Sirimiri ASMR?

Sirimiri ASMR is an English ASMRtist who creates Medical ASMR videos with a focus on Cranial Nerve Exams, Dental and Ear exams.

She aims to create a place ‘to chill out, relax and maybe even fall asleep’.

Her ASMR triggers include soft spoken, note taking, writing, finger movements, cranial nerve exam, latex glove use, tuning fork, soft brushes, ADHD exam, measuring, spraying sounds, feather brushes and ear cleaning.

Sirimiri ASMR has 11k subscribers and 900k channel views from her 140 YouTube ASMR videos which are here.

About Us

Why you will really like Sirimiri ASMR

Sirimiri ASMR really does just focus on Medical roleplay style ASMR content.

She has a clear, crisp way of speaking and talks reasonably softly and slowly. But not annoyingly so!

She specialises in Cranial Nerve, Dental and ear exams.

So if you are looking for triggers from any of those type of ASMR video then you are in luck.

I liked the sparseness of her back grounds as it felt really clean and clinical. As a doctors surgery should be.

It means you can focus on what she is say and how she is examining or testing you.

There is quite a lot of use of props such as tuning forks, picks, brushes and feathers.

These work really well with her soft but authoritative voice.

Her Dental cleaning content is surprisingly realistic and relaxing. Wish my dentist was like her!

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