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Sensory by Sophie
Sensory by Sophie

Who is Sensory by Sophie?

Sensory by Sophie is a soft spoken Belgian ASMR Artist who creates back tracing, medical roleplay and massage ASMR videos to help you sleep.

Her ASMR triggers include hair brushing, massage, back inspection and cranial nerve exam.

She has over 180k subscribers and more than 45 million channel views from 330+ videos she has created since 2019

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Sensory by Sophie Personal Information

Sensory by Sophie real name is Sophie

Sensory by Sophie Nationality is Belgian

Sensory by Sophie has a Cat called Noushka 

Sensory by Sophie has visited Seoul and Busan in South Korea, London in the UK and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

What I like about Sensory by Sophie

I really like the variety of ASMR content which Sophie creates.

While there are a lot of the usual favourites such as hair brushing, cranial nerve exams, massages etc

There are also weirder types like peeling glue from your face and Sakura blossom makeup session!

Benefits of of watching Sensory by Sophie content

The main benefit for me watching Sensory by Sophie ASMR content is one of relaxation.

She may even be able to help you calm down and get some sleep.

ASMR Triggers from Sensory by Sophie

Sensory by Sophie uses ASMR triggers styles such as hair brushing, cranial nerve exam, lice check, hair play, make up, brushing, massages, soft spoken, measuring, ear inspection, French talking, measuring, scalp inspection and pampering.

Similar ASMR Artists to Sensory by Sophie

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Sensory by Sophie – ASMR Tingle Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Sensory by Sophie creates a nice variation of styles of ASMR content. Always interesting!

So she gets 4.5 stars on our ASMR Tingle ratings!

Sensory by Sophie YouTube Channel Information

Sensory by Sophie increasingly popular YouTube channel here and her ID is @SensorybySophie.

She has over 180k subscribers and has over 45 million views from 300+ videos she has published since she joined YouTube in 2019.

She is usually alone in her videos which she records in her in her video studio.

Her ASMR videos are typically about 25 minutes long and she publishes new content about twice a week.

Sensory by Sophie other channels

Sensory by Sophie has a number of other social channels including:

Instagram here and TikTok here and Spotify here. She is also on Patreon here – support her if you wish!

Please note tingle ratings are all subjective – make your own mind up by watching Sensory by Sophie’s videos!