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ASMR Beauty Interview

ASMR Beauty Interview

This was a Q & A I did with Melissa from ASMR Beauty in June 2022

She gave really complete answers to the questions which was very good of her!

Why did you get into ASMR?

I’ve been an avid ASMR watcher since back in University, when I got extremely stressed and anxious due to exams. Since then, the idea of making such videos myself has always existed at the back of my mind. 

When lockdown in the UK ended last year, I decided that I wanted to live my life to the fullest and try loads of new experiences. I started trying out all sorts of things that interest me such as facials, tarot, palm reading, acupuncture etc but realised that not everyone can have experiences like these due to reasons such as money restraints, location restraints and health restraints etc.

I thought that by filming these treatments, I could not only help people relax through the asmr aspect but could also help people experience something unique that they may not get the chance to see otherwise!

What is the most enjoyable part of creating ASMR content?

I love meeting new people and experiencing sessions for my channel that I might not have booked otherwise! There really is so much I can learn from all the practitioners I meet! 

What is the hardest part of running a YouTube channel?

The hardest part was starting out earlier this year. I really struggled to find the motivation when not many people were watching my videos. But now I’ve found such a wonderful and kind community of followers and I am so grateful for every one of them!

Your favourite type of video?

I really like videos where I feel like I can learn something! ASMR in a foreign language and unintentional asmr are always my faves. 

Biggest trigger?

It’s hard to condense it into one thing but basically for me it’s anything that feels unintentional and not forced? I try my best to mirror that in my own content and create asmr that I would also want to watch! 

Favourite ASMR artist/s?

I have so many I don’t know where to start. Gentle whispering asmr, Yanghaiying, mongsilunnie, asmrtwix, chilli b… the list goes on…

The most memorable thing to happen making a video?

In my recent facial cupping video at relax London we got half way through the treatment and a rock concert started outside! It was so funny and I had to spend hours editing the sound for the final part of the video to cover up the music! 

Do you read all the comments?

I have the YouTube studio app on my phone and read all the comments when I’m at work! Its always so lovely to see supportive comments and if the filming schedule gets tough I remember that there are people out there who like my videos! 

Any plans for collaborations?

Yes! I filmed one very recently with someone I admire and it should be uploaded in the next week or so! 

What makes your ASMR Videos different from many others?

I try my best to make unintentional asmr by leaving most of the asmr work up to the practitioner! Sometimes this doesn’t work out but when it does it’s magical!

Best tip for someone starting an ASMR YouTube channel.

As someone who only started my channel in February, there’s still so much I’m learning so I’m not sure how good my advice is but… I’d say if you have an idea then go for it! If I didn’t send that first email asking to film a random ear candling session then my channel wouldn’t exist today! 

Rather surprisingly the Face Reading session was our favourite. I haven’t seen too many of these before and it was fascinating.

Not only was it really good ASMR, with the face reader having a really soothing and calming voice. But what she was saying was really interesting as well.

The setting on the sofas was really nice , the room pleasant and general ambience very calming.

It lasts just over an hour and will probably help a few people drop off to sleep. Or just enjoy being super calm!