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Kent Survival aka Andy Davidson cooks up a hamburger
Kent Survival
Simon, aBitW

Kent Survival vs Simon (abitw!)

This challenge is a little different as its not by what many would consider to be pure ASMR content. But they do help people relax, de stress and chill. And that is what a lot of ASMR helps us with.

Kent Survival is an outdoors, camping and survival channel run by Andy. He specialises in camp preparation, projects, food, bushcraft skills and more food.

Simon a bloke in the woods (Simon, duh!)is a walking, camping and especially a canoeing enthusiast. He often does collabs with Andy. Which are great!

Camp Location

An important part of any bushcraft and camping adventure is the location and camp preparation.

Andy: Has been known to venture outside his regular forest location onto the Kent estuary. And he does like the odd trip to Sweden, Norway and beyond.

Simon: The Norfolk broads is his natural habitat but Scottish and Welsh canoe and hiking trips also take place.

Score: A close one to call but I think 1 point to Simon

Camp Preparation, Bushcraft Skills and Activities

Once the camp is set up what activities are they getting up to?

Andy: Has various ongoing projects and is always thorough in his preparation. I always like the wood collection and processing.

Simon: Does have some different styles of set up but possibly not as involved as Andy so….

Score: 1 point to Andy


What sort of equipment do they use?

Andy: Andy has quite a lot of equipment such as his car roof tent, various lights, saws, sleeping hammocks, wood tools and lots of cooking equipment.

Simon: Although Simon does have his trusty old Land Rover which he converted which is cool and of course his canoes.

Score: 1 point, just to Andy

Quality of Video

Rating the production quality of content created, visuals, sound and props

Andy: Always high quality, lots of angles, usually chopping wood and getting in and out of his ‘amok’. And occasional drone usage.

Simon: Some nice water shots which are always very soothing. Apart from the odd capsize.

Score: 1 point to Andy

Quirky Factor

Just how weird and unusual is the content?

Andy: I like the fact that you know what you are going to broadly get with Andy’s content. Sponsored scooters and things aside.

Simon: I think his content is a little more random. Like the walks and trying out different canoes. Also has sponsored equipment like Andy.

Score: 1 point to Simon

Stats attack!

Let’s look at some stats – subs, # of videos, views per video, frequency etc

Andy: 536k subscribers, 356 videos, 89 million views, joined 2016 – 250k vpv

Simon: 183K subscribers, 250 videos, 23 million views, joined 2013 – 92k vpv

Score: 1 point to Andy


This is a very important category and should probably be double points!

Andy: So popular is his cooking he even had a dedicated food channel for a while. Always interesting and imaginative but I am always upset at the quality of the sausages he uses. Great cook though and love those segments.

Simon: Does his best in his Land Rover and some slightly tougher terrain.

Score: 1 point to Andy

Matchup Result!

Well the final score is 5 to Andy and 2 to Simon. I thought it would be a lot closer than that and indeed some categories it was a hard call!

I feel really bad that Simon didn’t get more points! Sorry Simon!

Don’t forget to check out their channels if you are new to them.

Andy here and Simon here. Go and watch them both!

CriteriaKent SurvivalSimon (abitw)
Camp Location1
Prep and Activities1
Final Scores of the match up between Kent Survival and Simon, a bloke in the woods

ASMR Matchup Rules!

Each category has 1 point available – most points wins!

Remember, this is only a bit of fun and I watch both of these channels every time they release new content!

Who would you like to see feature next?

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