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ASMR Kenshi

ASMR Kenshi
ASMR Kenshi

Who is ASMR Kenshi?

ASMR Kenshi is a Bulgarian who creates fast medical, roleplay, haircut and eye exam ASMR videos to help you to ‘relax, reduce your stress and get you to sleep’.

His ASMR triggers include inaudible whispering, eye exam, cranial nerve exams, face examinations and close personal attention.

ASMR Kenshi has 127k subscribers and 34m channel views from his 500+ YouTube ASMR videos which you can watch here.

About Us

ASMR Kenshi Bio & Contact Details

ASMR Kenshi is from Bulgaria

ASMR Kenshi real name is Boyan Stoyanov

Apart from that I can’t find too many other details about him!

ASMR Kenshi is on Instagram, in theory, here but his page isn’t working

But his personal Boyan Stoyanov Instagram is ok here

His Twitter / X here hasn’t had any new content for years

His Paypal is here and is working!

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ASMR Kenshi – his best ASMR video?

This is my current favourite ASMR video from ASMR Kenshi which is from 23rd February 2024.

It’s a short roleplay video with him giving you a head massage and scalp scratching.

Sometimes you just need a quick ASMR hit!

As one of his subscribers comments ‘Please do more of that hand and whisper sounds. That was the best I’ve ever heard. Actually made me sleepy.

ASMR Kenshi – ASMR Triggers & Videos Styles

We have had a look at his videos over the last year to see which ASMR Styles and Triggers ASMR Kenshi has been using. And what he might be doing in the future! What are his trends?

Kenshi’s word cloud below shows 13% of his words contained his most popular phrase Cranial Nerve Exam.

Roleplay appeared in 4% of words and Fast in 3%.

So what other type of ASMR do you like that ASMR Kenshi creates? Chaotic? Doctor? Massage? Attention? Joker?

For more info on the data scroll down!

ASMR Kenshi Word Cloud of Triggers & ASMR Styles
ASMR Kenshi Word Cloud of Triggers & ASMR Styles

Fast Medical ASMR is why you will really like ASMR Kenshi

ASMR Kenshi has been producing ASMR content since 2018.

He has quite a lot of content and styles but I really like his medical exams.

I know these are popular but he does quick ones. So ones like his fast and chaotic and cringy!

Anyway, they work for me!

Bonus data on ASMR Kenshi

OK nerdy types, like me. We have taken all the words used from his titles and descriptions over the last year or so and these are the top ten.

ASMR Kenshi Top 10 words used in Video Titles & Descriptions