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About Erudwen

Erudwen is a Swedish ASMRtist who creates World of Warcraft, Skyrim, Unboxing and Strategy Guide ASMR videos.

She also does Svensk/Swedish ASMR, German ASMR, Soulsborne, World of Warcraft books and Trading Card Games ASMR.

Her ASMR triggers include soft voice, reading, hand movements, accents, page turning, mic brushing, eating and mouth sounds.

Erudwen has 18k subscribers and 2m channel views from her 90 YouTube ASMR videos which you can watch here.

About Us

Erudwen Bio, Social & Contact Info

Erudwen is from Sweden and has a boyfriend. Apart from that there is not a lot of info about her.

She does not have any social channels so apart from the fact we know she moved down to the South of Sweden for a new job there is not much else about her.

Erudwen went on holiday to Sweden’s largest island Gotland which does look amazing! So there is that!

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The ASMR Ryan
The ASMR Ryan

WoW is why you will really like Erudwen

Erudwen has been producing ASMR content since 2022 and she has a real focus on Gaming ASMR.

World of Warcraft is obviously something she is passionate about.

So it’s great to see her using that enthusiasm to help her make some very interesting ASMR content.

It is also sad to see that some people are disrespectful in the comments to her.

Hopefully she can ignore them, easier said than done, and not let them affect her in any way.

If you are into gaming and WoW in particular I really like her voice and the page turning is great. Nice accent too!

She does get positive comments though and as one subscriber said, that I can totally relate to, ‘Have never played wow and yet I have enjoyed so many of your videos on the subject. Please keep being yourself’.