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ASMR Video of the week!

Alex Fabb – Chinese Head Horn Massage

Alex Fabb Head Horn Massage
Alex Fabb Head Horn Massage

Alex Fabb

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Released: 18 December 2022
Style: Head massage using a horn to really scratch deeply!

Triggers: Neck & shoulder massage, scratching, moxibustion, head massage

Review: Alex always manages to have some really interesting and very ASMR friendly content. For those who dont know Alex check out his Italian in China channel information.

This time he has a really satisfying neck massage, a moxibustion mask, which heats up, placed over his eyes which will really help sharpen the senses. And then has a really deep head massage using a horn shaped with many prongs to get some extra friction!

Some really good tingles and deal for helping you to sleep!

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