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Ducky ASMR Interview
Ducky ASMR Interview

Ducky ASMR  Interview

I am doing a slightly different format for this interview with Ducky ASMR but it is well worth a read as he puts our day to day issues well into perspective.

I wanted to interview people who have interesting stories about why they got into ASMR and what it means to them.

This is a great story from an ASMR artist working in the most incredibly difficult conditions to produce ASMR content to help his friends and family.

Check out his relaxing and sleep focussed channel here: Ducky ASMR

Who is Ducky ASMR?

What is your name? Eugene

Where is your nationality? Ukrainian

Where are you based/do you live now? Ukraine

What is your occupation?
I am an artist, graduated from the Academy of Arts and Architecture, Master’s degree.

How did you become a part of the ASMR community?
A real war has been going on in my country for a year now, and people around me are in a very depressed and stressed state, they are constantly depressed by what is happening.

Music helps me and the work that I love.

Some of my friends have left the war zone abroad, but there they also worry about their homes and relatives who stayed here.

At the beginning of the war, I started making ASMR videos to support all the people I know so that they could at least fall asleep, I did it exclusively, only for friends.

And when I got a lot of positive feedback, and everyone started asking me to keep doing this, I created a Ducky ASMR channel to help all the people who have stress and insomnia!

What is the most memorable thing to happen during filming of an ASMR video?
The most memorable thing during filming is that I had to shoot in real combat conditions when the sounds of explosions, rockets, and shells were constantly heard in the video, and it took a very long time to edit to cut out all these sounds and get the most positive and inspiring content!

Tell us about ASMR and your YouTube channel

How would you describe your ASMR channel?
The mission of Ducky ASMR is to give everyone joy, a good mood, and relaxation!

I love to experiment and be creative with the selection of triggers to surprise the viewer with rare and unusual sounds and make unique content.
In each video, I try to create new trigger sounds and visual engagement for instant relaxation and sleep.

Viewers are looking for different kinds of triggers to relax, sleep or just feel good, my ASMR content can be a great source of entertainment)

On the Ducky ASMR channel, you can find 4K60 videos with the best stereo and binaural sound and choose the type of ASMR that you like, here are some of the ones presented on the channel:

Roleplay: Barber, Haircut, Makeup Artist, Bob Ross, Boxing, Minion, Mukbang, and more

8D Ear Attention, 360° sounds around you

Personal Attention, Face Touching, Hand sounds

ASMR Outdoors in the park with triggers and nature sounds

What are the key benefits of your channel?

One of the main benefits of watching my ASMR channel is that it can be a fun and entertaining experience!

I keep experimenting and improving my content to keep it unique and engaging for my viewers.

I use quality equipment to get clear sound to make the video look amazing.
I always interact with the viewer, I try to cheer up, relieve stress and help to fall asleep.

When creating and further editing the video, I always take into account the comments and wishes of my viewers, I am very grateful for the feedback.

Do you read the comments?
Viewer comments always inspire me to new art, some of them are:

“Omggg the sound quality is amazing!! You’re super underrated, keep up the great work. 

Yesss! It was ultra relaxing! Amazing sounds! 

I told my asmr friends abt u!! We love your work. 

This is so high quality and satisfying. This was very tingly.

So underrated. Incredibly, I felt like I had new ears to ASMR, and enjoyed it from start to finish! The best asmr ever!”