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Eating and chewing ASMR has many different triggers which generate tingles for people in many ways.

For some they like the sounds made when people are eating, the chewing and lip smacking slurping that goes along with it.

For others they like the Mukbang approach of watching other people eat a lot of food live and being talked through the process.

Or it could be that eating and talking, or whispering or even eating and not talking are your thing!

And there are so many varieties of foods and styles from all over the world.
So I can guarantee that you will find something to do with food and eating that will trigger those tingles.

Misophonia – not everyone likes eating sounds!

Unless… like me and others the whole eating thing causes a real case of Misophonia (sensitive to ‘people’ sounds such as eating, breathing and chewing) so they will avoid these videos!

So this has been a fun piece to research, watch and write up!

Although I do love all sorts of food so I have picked up some amazing new ideas for recipes along the way!

Anyway, have a look below as we highlight some of the most popular types of eating Videos that trigger an ASMR reaction as well as the most popular foods from around the world.

And as they always seem to say in restaurants having served you the food – enjoy!!

Red and Green Chilli
Red and Green Chillis

Eating & Talking, Eating No talking!

One of the most popular types of eating ASMR content are the eating and talking and the eating and no talking.

I think the reason why these types are so popular is that you have a real direct connection between the ASMR artist and those watching the video.

Usually presented with the food in the foreground and the presenter behind the food so you get a close up of the food and also a good view, and sounds, of the food being eaten.

There are also quite a lot of potential triggers as well whether it is the packaging the food arrives in, the type of food i.e. crunchy, the different mouth sounds, slurping or chewing.

Or even the preparation so chopping apples on a board, slicing an onion or the sizzle of a stir fry. All of these are potential triggers.

Strawberries in a bowl
Strawberries in a bowl

So for the eating and talking content you will get a vocal intro and if for example it’s fast food being eaten some unwrapping.

This will create some nice triggers with crinkling of wrapping paper and packaging. And if sauces are being used some nice plastic crackles as they are opened. Possibly some nice tapping on the sauce pots and utensils as well.

Depending on the person hosting the content what is discussed and how much talking there is will vary.

From off topic ramblings to commentary on the food, it’s all there.

And quite often there will be eating and whispering which I think works really well.

The whole eating ASMR premise is a bit unnatural in many respects so anything to normalise things is always welcome.

Examples of eating & talking, eating & no talking

Eating and talking: Check out this video from Soft ASMR as she works her way through a Chick-Fil-A in Mukbang style.

Eating and no talking: Speaking of Mukbang Zach Coi really goes after these noodles in his no talking black bean fire noodles no talking video.

Food Preparation – cutting, chopping & slicing sounds

Preparing and eating food create a whole lot of sounds so here are some of our favourite ones that we get tingles from.

The sounds that really work for me are chopping sounds. Probably because they are very similar to tapping sounds.

So if you think of chopping vegetables on wooden boards. Or slicing onions on slate or what about cutting fruit on a glass chopping board?

All of these work really well for me as triggers.

Chopped Courgettes
Chopped courgettes / zucchini

Other sounds in food prep that I like include the grinding and slurping sound you get from using a mortice and pestle for mashing up herbs. Throw in some salt and pepper to get a bit more of a gritty sound.

I also really like the sound of a slow fry, so something like a trout fillet gently sizzling away. Or when making up a miropoix as a base for a sauce which requires a really slow low heat.

I often read a book when making up a mirpoix and you can hear it cooking away in the background.

Check out this great chopping video from ASMR PPOMO where they chop through chocolate, baguttes, cucumbers, mushrooms, sugar and cotton candies.

Eating Sounds – slurping, chewing, crunching sounds

Eating sounds are probbaly what triggers most people when watching eating style videos.

Whether it is the slurping sounds of fire noodles, the chewing of candy or gum, the crunching of fries or cheese balls they all work really well.

Add to this biting slowly and then chewing with an open mouth (ugh, not for me!) this provides some great slurpy and sticky type sounds.

Plus you also get those inadvertent mouth sounds as well.

One of the most popular foods for generating great sounds is honeycomb. This is obviously really sticky so together with chewing you get some really loud, sticky, chewing mouth sounds.

Here is a great example of honeycomb eating from SAS-ASMR.

What is Mukbang ASMR?

Ok, so we mentioned Mukbang in the previous examples. And its probably worth explaining what Mukbang is.

Mukbang is where a live stream of someone eating usually large quantities of food while engaging with the viewer. Often South Korean in origin the term is now loosely used to describe the eating of food in front of a camera.

The triggers are based around the mouth sounds, chewing, slurping and crunching of the foods as well as visually engaging with the viewer.

I am often amazed at some of the quantities of food consumed with noodles super popular, particularly fire noodles. I need to try some of those!

Examples of Mukbang ASMR

Zack Choi ASMR is very popular as an ASMR Mukbang artist and what I really like about him is he doesn’t eat everything in front of him.

This seems to be a bit of a thing with many Mukbang artists but I dont think it needs to be.

You can still have a really good ASMR experience as he works his way through all the items he has available. But no real need to eat everything.

Anyway, here is a good example for you of Zack eating a KFC including fried chicken, popcorn chicken, chicken sandwich and mac n cheese.

We love the variety of foods that are used to create ASMR videos.

So here are some ASMR foods to eat!

You may already know which ones work for you, for ASMR, but then again there may be some new ones for you to try here.

Seafood – crunchy, salty, crack: Crab, lobster and shrimp here from ASMR Phan – the colours on this are amazing! Crack those king crab claws at 5:57!

Candy – speaking of colours, here is a Jelly rainbow from HunniBee ASMR – watch as she goes all in on these multi coloured Jelly’s!

Octopus – it’s popular but not going to lie a lot of these videos are animal abuse so not going to feature on this site. Think before you watch them.

Noodles – classic Mukbang noodle action from Zack Choi ASMR – slurping and mouth sounds here

Chocolate/Ice Cream – includes Maltesers, Nutella, Magnum ice cream from Jimmy ASMR – actually Magnums are perfect for ASMR – a crispy shell and soft filling!

Cake – lots of good chewing sounds here and this video has a bonus as there is the preparation as well. Super crinkly and tingly!

Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate – full of good endorphins

Spicy Food – I really like spicy food, Thai, Indian, Indonesian and this video from Fume is great as she takes on some super spicy chicken noodles! Slurp, slurp!

Vegan/Vegetarian – watch and listen as the Hungry Herbivore ASMR eats a big Vegan breakfast – includes toast, avocado, mushrooms, juice, hash browns, tofu and sausage. Nice video with some good crunchy sounds!

Fast Food – this really lends itself to Mukbang style so have a look at this from Eatbox as they eat through Pizza and Burger. Lots of full mouths and chewing going on.

Fruit – going to finish on a healthy note here as FredsVoice ASMR eats his way through a lot of super crunchy and juicy (mouth sounds!) grapes, bananas, apples, peaches and more!


For those of you who really like your Mukbang, mouth noises, slurping and chewing sounds I hope that you found this interesting and perhaps tried a new way to get your tingles from eating content.

And remember, do eat sensibly and enjoy your food!