Best ASMR Pat Downs & Baggage Checks


What are TSA Pat-downs?

ASMR TSA Pat-downs are role play ASMR videos where the TSA officer is searching the traveller in customs control.

The pat-downs will trigger ASMR tingles from lots of brushing, squeezing, patting, material and fabric sounds to spraying and zipper sounds.

They are often a fast and aggressive style.

They can also be genuine pat-downs produced as informational content by border security forces and airlines and so provide unintentional ASMR triggers.

TSA Pat down role play for ASMR

TSA Pat down ASMR Triggers

  • Massage sounds
  • Brushing (body, arms, feet, hands, toes)
  • Hair brushing
  • Soft voice
  • Fabric sounds
  • Scraping
  • Scratching
  • Patting
  • Zipper sounds
  • Spraying
  • Clicking
  • Latex gloves

Types of ASMR TSA Pat Downs

Unintentional TSA Pat Downs

We thought we would start of with the well known TSA Pat Down from WRTV as new pat down procedures are demonstrated. This is, of course, classic unintentional ASMR!

Although I have to say after watching so many role play ASMR pat downs this is quite brief and he doesn’t do nearly enough patting and brushing!

The actual pat down element starts at 2:05 and the most replayed is at2:12 with a hair brushing and patting segment from the TSA officer.

For the official security screening procedures click here and here.

Video here

Role Play TSA Pat Down and bag check

This TSA Pat down and bag check from Chili B ASMR is a good version of the more typical ASMR content you get.

It starts of with a document check, passport and boarding card, that sort of thing. They then put on the blue latex gloves and the pat down starts.

As Jeremy is wearing a jacket this is checked first and so are the contents of his pockets.

There is the usual brushing down the arms, back and front and then the jacket is removed.

The TSA agent (aka as Hannah) then uses a met al detector to brush over the body area. The shoes are then removed and feet and shoes inspected and then the legs are checked by brushing and patting.

The baggage is also fully checked as are all of the contents.

Video here.

This is, by ‘modern’ standards a fairly short TSA pat down video but it covers all the basics with some good ASMR triggers.

These triggers include soft voice, brushing, patting, clicking, tapping, rubbing, material scratching and scraping.

Fast and Aggressive TSA Pat Downs

We have featured LunaLux pat downs elsewhere on this site as she is so good at them. This one also features Katherina ASMR (@katherinaasmr8569) helping out as the TSA agent. Note the FBI t shirt she is wearing!

This pat down is a fast and aggressive style which a lot of people seem to like.

It follows the usual routine of document check, head and body check, lots of brushing.

Arms, hands, back brushing and patting follow but all at a pretty rapid pace and speed. Hence the fast and aggressive title!

Legs, shoes and feet are then checked by our intrepid TSA agent and some sort of clicking device is used to scan the shoes. This section is the most replayed.

Her bag and the contents are checked and examined and finally she is given the all clear.

Video here

TSA Pat down for Sleep

Moving on from the fast and aggressive pat downs we have the far more relaxed ‘TSA pat downs for sleep’.

This is a full body real person role play soft spoken pat down – for sleep. Just writing that has made me nod off!

Anyway, it’s nice to know that for those who have trouble getting to sleep there are pat down options for them and this is a good one.

This follows roughly the same routine as the others but has some nice little quirks such as the ‘sample taking’ using, possibly, tweezers.

There are lots of nice arm brushes and a great section getting a sample from her arm using a scouring pad. And also on the feet as well.

Her luggage and contents are then examined and given the all clear.

While not as frenetic as the fast and aggressive pat downs there is still a good energy about this video.

But it is also relaxing, particularly if you like brushing and scraping sounds on flesh and also on material.

Video here

The five best YouTube channels for ASMR TSA Pat down

Some links to the best YouTube channels for TSA Pat downs for you to explore: