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What is Shoe ASMR?

Shoe ASMR is where shoes and boots are cleaned, repaired, polished and fitted in order to give users ASMR triggers and tingles.

Shoe ASMR was an original form of unintentional ASMR but ASMRtists realised that people really enjoyed watching shoes being made, fitted, repaired, cleaned and shined. I know I do!

Shoe ASMR Triggers

Shoes and ASMR – a match made in heaven! Probably.

There are a lot of really good ASMR triggers to be found in shoe videos. Whether it is the shoes being shined, cleaned, made or repaired. And then measured and fitted!

As is often the case with ASMR videos there are the unintentional videos and those made for ASMR. And shoe shine videos are really prone to having ‘made for ASMR’ content.

So we have mixed things up a bit with some ‘real’ shoe videos and a couple made for ASMR purposes. Enjoy!

Shoe Shine ASMR

In this article:

Benefits of Shoe ASMR

The main benefit of shoe ASMR for me is one of relaxation. I don’t tend to fall asleep to these but I always end up super chilled!

So here are some of the benefits I get from watching shoe based videos:

  • Sleep
  • Relaxation
  • Comfort
  • Calming
  • Stress reduction
  • Insomnia relief
  • Anxiety reduction

ASMR Triggers from Shoe ASMR

I get quite a lot of ASMR triggers watching shoe cleaning and repair videos.

Some of those triggers, at least for me include:

  • Hammering
  • Brushing
  • Bristles
  • Scratching
  • Scissor sounds
  • Sanding
  • Spraying
  • Spreading glue
  • Painting
  • Filing
  • Blade sharpening on a strop
  • Squeaky rubber sounds!
  • Sewing

Types of Shoe ASMR

ASMR Shoe Shine

The video we feature below is Street Shoe Shine by Francisco in Mexico City from the excellent Shoe Shine with Kat channel.

This is a real shoe shine from the Santa María la Ribera park. A lot of the processes for shoe shines are very similar to the one used here.

So remove the laces (but not always), dust off shoes, wash the shoes with soap suds, clean off the shoes, if needed shoe dye is applied. And polish is then rubbed into the shoe, including the tongue. And this is then lightly brushed to bring up a shine. This process can be repeated several times to give extra depth to the shine.

And sometimes water will be sprayed onto the shoes as well. Often a cloth is used to ‘snap’ the sine into shape. And don’t forget to clean and add polish/dye to the area that the shoe joins the sole.

Sometimes in the cleaning process minor repairs are also made as well. Such as gluing down the sole, or burning off frayed edge of stitching.

The main ASMR triggers that are associate with shoe shines are:

Unlacing the shoes, brushing the shoes, cleaning the shoes, spraying the shoes, close attention to detail, deep breathing, use of cloths to buff up the shoes and massaging the feet

Dr Martins Street Shoe Shine from Shoe Shine with Kat

Unintentional ASMR – Shoe Fitting

This is a totally classic unintentional ASMR video which involves a salesman showing a customer the different types of shoes from his very nice shoe shop, Cheaney, in London. He then proceeds to measure and fit the shoes for the gentleman.

What makes this such a good shoe ASMR video is the salesman has such a nice soft voice, is clearly passionate and very knowledgeable about his shoes, and the shoes look really nice, if expensive, as well.

I loved how I was able to pick up information like the sole of one particular shoe having its own distinctive shape called the ‘London Waist‘.

Key triggers include: Softly spoken voice, British Accent, hands brushing the shoe, measuring and fitting the shoe, shoe horn being used, laces tied, close personal attention, soft pressing of hands on feet

Unintentional ASMR Traditional Leather Shoe Salesman in London from Best Unintentional ASMR

Shoe Repair and Restoration

I really like watching shoes being repaired, even in real life! There is something really satisfying about watching someone bring something back from being about to be thrown away to being ready for use again.

Of course each repair is different, but there are some similarities across many of the techniques that are used.

Many of the shoe repairs you will se are replacing or fixing the soles of the shoes as obviously these get the hardest wear. There are also a lot repairs done to the heels, the side seams of the shoes and sometimes the insoles as well.

The video we have below is the repair of some Christian Louboutin booties. We all have a least one pair in our closet right?

So maybe not a typical shoe repair video but its a good restoration of these expensive shoes. And good to see the famous red soles as good as new again!

Types of shoes to be repaired are boots, sneakers/trainers, leather Tods, suede shoes, Birkenstocks, Doctor Martins, Blundstone and Gucci loafers.

ASMR triggers for shoe repair videos include:

Scissor sounds, sanding, brushing, polishing, filing, rubbing, spraying

Christian Louboutin Booties Restoration from Repair Studio

Shoe Making – bespoke shoes ASMR

Making shoes seems like an incredibly complicated and even more time consuming process.

Watching videos of the process is fascinating but shows just how much effort goes into making a bespoke pair of shoes.

The first video we have here shows how a pair of shoes are handcrafted. Everything is done by hand apart from the use of a sewing machine to piece the leather together. So the shoe lasts are all hand carved, and incredibly even the threads are handmade.

The second video from Siroeon Yosui in Japan shows the cutting of the patterns from leather hides. Sewing these together, hammering these into shape on the lasts, fixing eyelets, using razor blades to scrape and produce very thin leather. The work on the heels is amazing at 27:41. And bringing all of this together to finally produce the shoes.

Lots of ASMR trigger points: Scraping sounds, brushing, tapping, rubbing, sanding, running water, close detailed work, stitching

Bespoke Shoemaking With Dominic Casey from Kirby Allison
Making Derby Shoes in Vintage Embossed Leather from Siroeno Yosui

Shoe Fitting and foot measuring

Foot measuring and shoe fitting get a lot of attention in the ASMR community. Probably due to the close personal attention, touching and pressing of feet and the measuring process.

We have chosen to go with a ‘made for ASMR’ foot measuring and shoe fitting video from the ever excellent Chili b ASMR channel. Hannah, as ever, ably assisted by Jeremy.

This was an early Chili b video so props were a bit basic but the effect is good none the less.

Hannah measures up Jeremy’s feet, for length, width and circumference using a ruler and a tape measure. He then moves onto a step and his foot profile is traced out. And various new feet measurements are taken.

At 13:10 we move into the shoe fitting part of the video as Hannah helps Jeremy on with the shoes and ties up the laces. She then feels around the shoes to see if there is enough room and how they fit. finally the shoes are ok and packed away.

The ASMR triggers for shoe measuring and fitting are: Ruler measuring, tape measuring, soft voice, pressing feet, writing notes, tracing outlines, touching feet

Foot Measuring & Shoe Fitting – Real Person ASMR from Chili b ASMR

Bonus Shoe Shine ASMR Video

Ok, just had to include this video from BurrellShoeShine as it was one of the very first shoe shine videos I ever saw. it was always popping up in my recommendations.

Have a watch and check out his snaps with the cloth at the end of the very short 3 minute video!

Ocean Sounds to Sleep, Study and Chill from Naturaleza Viva – Sonidos y Paisajes Increíbles

Best ASMR YouTube channels for Shoe ASMR

A quick run down of links to the best Shoe YouTube channels for you to explore:


We know that shoe ASMR videos are popular. So hopefully you will have found these enjoyable.

As always, remember we all have different triggers so what works for some people may not work for you. If you don’t get triggered by these videos check out their main channels as there will probably be something there for you!

Thanks for reading this article!