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What is Window Cleaning ASMR?

Window cleaning ASMR is where windows on buildings, in houses or cars are washed and cleaned creating ASMR triggers through visual actions and sounds.

Typically triggers include water sounds, brushing, rinsing brushes and rollers, close attention to detail, squeezing, wiping, polishing, water drips and squeegee wiping.

The main benefits for those watching window cleaning ASMR videos is one of relaxation, stress relief and satisfaction from the task being completed.

Window cleaning - Suds applied
Window cleaning – Suds applied

Types of Window Cleaning ASMR content

Surprisingly there are a few variations of the types of window cleaning content for ASMR beyond just windows being cleaned.

Whether its household, car or professional offices windows being cleaned or tutorials on ‘how to clean’ they all provide good triggers.

I found that the best tingles are from when the squeegee is being used to clear the suds off the glass. Very satisfying!

But also watching the suds being applied can be pretty soothing as they cover up the whole of area to be cleaned.

Window Cleaning ASMR – Household Style

I really like the household style of window dusting and cleaning.

Probably mostly because it’s not me who is having to do it! But also for the ASMR tingles I get from watching someone lese do this chore.

As well as watching the suds being applied and squeegeed off I love the detailed attention to things like the door handles and locks.

The video we feature below is a really good example of household window cleaning, albeit Alice is actually cleaning her French Doors.

There are some great triggers here including wiping, detailing, squeegee use, polishing and a dog! Also no talking so really easy to relax to with no distractions.

Household cleaning French doors – no talking

Household windows cleaning  - French doors by ASMR Alice
Household windows cleaning – French doors by ASMR Alice

Window Cleaning ASMR – Professional Style

I always used to look forward to the office windows being cleaned. There was something really satisfying about the whole process that I found really meditative. Not ideal when I was supposed to be working!

I think my favourite office where the windows were being cleaned was a converted warehouse which had a large amount of glass but lots of smaller windows.

This meant the window cleaner had to do each individual pane one at a time. For me the attention to detail and cleaning off of the squeegee after each swipe worked really well for tingles!

I also worked in a modern office block that had single pane glass which was floor to ceiling.

This needed a different approach as the application of suds and cleaning off was done with much broader strokes. Still pretty satisfying and always good to watch people abseiling down the outside of a building!

Window Cleaning of a building by professionals

The example below is of a coffee shop windows being cleaned.

I always find it enjoyable watching other people work, surprise, but it’s interesting to see how they do things as to how I would approach it.

So for example I love how they are particular about using a cloth to clean to the edge of the windows and the surrounding sills.

Some good triggers such as water sounds, background ambient noise, no talking, lots of attention to detail and picking of tricky bits on the windows. And of course loads of wiping and pleasing wide sweeps of the squeegee.

Coffee shop window cleaning from AtomicWindowCleaning ASMR
Coffee shop window cleaning from AtomicWindowCleaning ASMR

Car windshields being cleaned

I always enjoy taking the car to be cleaned. Not just because I am often to lazy to do it myself but because I get some really good real life tingles from watching this being done.

I love being inside my car and watching and feeling the water and foam being applied and then jetted off and wiped down before being polished.

Anyway, watching the windows on a car being properly cleaned is also super satisfying.

The video below is really a classic unintentional ASMR video as its a guide as to how best to clean your car windows.

It’s a bit salesy but the actual cleaning and polishing is good for ASMR. Car detailing is very good for all sorts of ASMR.

Some nice triggers here such as liquid spraying, wiping, mopping up, towelling off and polishing with micro towels.

How to clean car windows from PantheOrganizer
How to clean car windows from PantheOrganizer

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