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What are the most popular cleaning styles? (Answered)

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What is Cleaning ASMR?

Cleaning ASMR is where a variety of cleaning activities taking place such as in the home, to a car, on a keyboard, on rugs or to shoes. This content is often created purely for ASMR purposes but sometimes it is just unintentional ASMR.

Cleaning ASMR also has some similar ASMR aspects such as organizing, restocking and refilling jars and cupboards in a home or household.

The main benefits for many people is relaxation, sleep and motivation.

Car about to be cleaned
Car about to be cleaned

Why do people like cleaning ASMR?

Relaxation from watching someone else clean is one of the main reasons people like to watch the cleaning videos.

Also the close attention to detail that often goes hand in hand with the whole cleaning process.

Many people use some of the more gentle cleaning styles to aid their sleep and also for background noise.

For many folks there is a great feeling of satisfaction from the cleaning and reorganizing process. Bringing order into a disorderly home!

A bit like me, see below, people do get motivated by watching the cleaning videos to go and do some of their own cleaning.

And of course there are so many different types of triggers that are associated with each type of cleaning.

What we like about cleaning ASMR

One of my main reasons for watching cleaning ASMR videos is that I actually get motivated by them. As in I actually get up and do some cleaning of my own.

There is always something that will need to be cleaned but I have put off doing it. So watching the cleaning videos prompts me to go and get it done!

I think it is the before and after effect. If you see that happen it can be super motivating! So not really ASMR but it’s a good side effect!

In my experience I find that there are a number of types of cleaning that work really well for me for ASMR.

There are different triggers for each type and the benefits will also vary but I am sure that like me you will find some of the examples below will give you some great tingles.

House & Home Cleaning ASMR

Home cleaning – for me this is a surprisingly underrated style of ASMR.

There are lots of good triggers to be had from watching someone clean their kitchen, bathroom, carpets, windows (especially windows for me!) and laundry.

Have a look at this video from Hey Its Mandy as she goes about cleaning her house.

Triggers include, unloading dishwasher, sponge cleaning, wiping, scrubbing, bed making, water sounds, rustling, taps running, baking soda fizzing, spraying, wiping, polishing, loading, dog hair removal (ugh, I know all about that!), vacuuming and laundry!

Belfast sink clean
Clean Belfast sink

Shoe Cleaning ASMR

Shoe cleaning – there are loads of great shoe cleaning and repair videos out there. Check out our Shoe ASMR page for some great examples.

Car Cleaning ASMR

Car cleaning – now I wish I could give myself ASMR tingles from cleaning my own car! It would probably get cleaned more often that way.

I don’t know about you but I love going to the car wash and being inside when it gets cleaned. I prefer the manual type of car wash as opposed to the automated roller ones.

Anyway, cleaning the car is really great for ASMR as there are so many different types of cleaning. For example there is cleaning the bodywork, the windows, the carpets, the interior (mine always gets dusty from the dog so always needs a good polish) and the wheels always require a lot of fine detailing.

It really is a form of unintentional ASMR and here is a good example of car detailing, washing and cleaning from the Unintentional ASMR channel.

Triggers include scrubbing, brushing, spraying, vacuuming, wiping, soaping and suds, polishing and dusting.

Keyboard Cleaning

Funnily enough watching a keyboard being cleaned while I was at work and then going home to see if I could find a video of this online was one of my first experiences of ASMR online.

I can’t remember which video it was as this was along time ago. But I do remember that I did find something although it wasn’t called ‘ASMR’ at the time.

There is a really satisfying keyboard cleaning video here from Jojo’s ASMR which will probbaly help you get to sleep.

Lots of really good triggers including typing and tapping sounds, soft whispering, mouth sounds, keyboard sounds, brushing and fluid sounds.

Keyboard needs a clean
Keyboard needs a clean

Cleaning ASMR rugs and carpets

There are some really satisfying rug and carpet cleaning videos which are ideal for ASMR.

Again, I think the before and after is really motivating and of course there is something super pleasing about watching all the dirt come out.

Watching how the rugs get cleaned is great as it’s soothing to see the process take place as they are rinsed, squeegeed off, pressure washed, shampooed, agitated with a CRB (contra-rotating brush fyi) machine and then brushed and rinsed before the water is extracted. I love it!

The results on this particularly dirty rug here are amazing from Mountain Rug Cleaning.

ASMR triggers include washing, brushing, water sounds, white noise, squeegee and wiping.

Clean rug
Clean rug for ASMR

No talking cleaning ASMR

No talking cleaning: Some people, particularly those who like background and ambient noise content to help them clean or work like this style of video.

Classic ASMR has a good no talking cleaning video here

Triggers include no talking, (obvs) polishing, wiping, detailing, spraying, scrubbing, tidying, fridge cleaning and organizing and finally sink cleaning.

Reorganizing and restocking, refilling ASMR

Neatly stacked jars on a shelf
Neatly stacked jars on a shelf – what I aspire to!

Reorganizing, refilling, restocking: One of the words that gets used a lot regarding cleaning and in particular with reorganizing is ‘satisfying‘.

For those who are just a little bit more focused on keeping order this type of video will be a relief for them. No more disorder!

Tik Tok Boss has a nice 30 minute video here showing how to restock and fill a fridge, organise a pantry and reorganize a laundry.

Triggers include bottles being opened and closed, pouring, scooping, rustling, stacking, wiping, refilling, polishing and spraying.

Cleaning compilations ASMR

Cleaning compilations: A bit like fast and aggressive ASMR cleaning compilations allow you to move quickly from what style of cleaning to another. there is always a new trigger for tingles coming up quickly.

A nice short 10 minute example is from Toasty Tok here as they move from car cleaning, to table cleaning, rubbish removal, reorganising a drawer, wiping seats, cleaning up toys, vacuuming and back to glass cleaning a car! Phew!

Lots triggers there – watch it and see!


Cleaning content has many aspects to it that will trigger ASMR tingles in folks.

For many people it will scratch that itch to get order back into their mind, if not life.

But if you are really lucky it will help get you motivated to do some cleaning or take action yourself. Get to it!