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Skin pulling, cracking, stretching & chiro for tingles!

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What is ASMR Skin Pulling?

Skin pulling and cracking is used as part of therapy sessions, often chiro, to relieve tension between the muscles and skin.

Skin pulling is great for ASMR as it produces ‘cracks’ which stimulates a tingle response in many folks.

The main benefits of skin pulling and cracking is one of relaxation and de-stressing for those watching. And for those it is being done to they will get muscle relief and reduced tension.

asmr august skin pulling
asmr august skin pulling

There are quite a few ASMR artists who use skin pulling deliberately as part of their ASMR roleplay content.

Other ASMR artists who use this technique tend to be chiropractors who often manipulate the skin to ease tension and increase blood and lymphatic flow to the area they are working on. This is more of an unintentional ASMR process

Gua Sha is an example of skin pulling and stretching although it is not as extreme as pure skin pulling which produces the cracks.


Relative newcomer to ASMR content Ivy B ASMR has a really easy going, soft voiced style of ASMR content.

She incorporates skin pulling and occasional cracking into her Medical Checks content.

asmr august

asmr august has a really nice line in unintentional skin pulling and cracking.

Check out her roleplays as she conducts a physical assessment and incorporates some skin pulling and cracking into her routine.

Mondragon Chiropractic

Dr Brenda Mondragon is well known for getting pops, cracks and bangs, probably, out of her patients.

Her skin pulling and cracking is part of some of her therapy sessions to help with back relief.

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