lize-asmr - mouth sounds ASMR
lize-asmr – mouth sounds ASMR

About lize-asmr

Lize-ASMR (aka Eliza) is an Australian ASMR artist who is going to put you to sleep by using her mouth sounds and inaudible whispering content!

While she doesn’t produce many videos each month they are always worth a watch – so give her a boost and check them out!

Eliza hasn’t produced any new videos since October 2022. Maybe she will soon!

ASMR Tingle Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Channel Name: lize-asmr

Artist Name: Eliza/Lize (aka previously as elizurasmr)

YouTube: lize-asmr

Category: Whispers, ramble, mouth sounds, inaudible, make up

Channel Launch: 2022

Subscribers: 1.65k

Total views: 105k

Total videos: 29

Country: Australia

Nationality: Australian

Setting: Quiet room, outdoors, bedroom, countryside

Video Production: 1 per month

Average video length: 10 minutes to 20 minutes

Typical number of people in videos: 1

ASMR Triggers

Whispers, soft voice, mouth sounds, make up, tapping, inaudible, lip gloss application, rambling, teeth tapping, gum chewing ramble

Our favourite lize-asmr video

This is our favourite mainly because it takes place outside. And the sound quality is good.

It’s quite rare to see ASMR artists who focus on the really personal mouth sounds, inaudible, rambling styles anywhere other than indoors or in a studio situation.

So this is a bit like the Limpia videos that are often set outside in more natural surroundings. I think you get a fuller sound, even some background white noise, which is good.

Hopefully we will see more of these from lize-asmr in the coming months. Fingers crossed! Video here

What we like about lize-asmr

  • Is back, was previously on YouTube ‘elizurasmr’, but now back as lize-asmr
  • While the focus is on whispers, mouth sounds and inaudible styles; there is a good variety of techniques used
  • So reading, gum chewing, lip gloss application, tapping, bottle opening, jewellery play, fluffy mike use
  • Love the occasional outdoors shoots
  • Nice to have some mediation sound only available
  • Currently producing a new video every week
  • Has about 25 ASMR videos live to choose from

Quirks and features:

Having an outdoor setting for whispers and mouth sounds and inaudible is cool.

What to watch out for

Well I will be watching for more Aussie outdoor action! Crazy not to use the lovely countryside if you can.

A lot of ASMR Artists stay in their comfort zone, or click zone, and won’t stray away from that.

I wonder if lize-asmr has any plans to move more into role play or other new areas of ASMR?

Please note the tingle ratings are all subjective – make your own mind up by watching Eliza’s videos!