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ASMR Matchup Rules!

This is for fun only. I love both of these ASMR artists!

Each category has 1 point available – most points wins!

Mad P ASMR vs KatieASMR

Mad P ASMR, or Madalina, is a super popular American ASMRtist who creates content on Role Play, Pat Downs, Collabs and Medical processes.

KatieASMR is a newer American ASMRtist who has a quirky approach to patdowns, medical, roleplay, therapy and collabs.

ASMR Style Variations

Here we look at how many and what variety of types of ASMR each person creates.

Madalina: Has quite a wide variety of ASMR styles including Role Play, Pat Downs, Medical, Dental, Make Up, Fast & Aggressive and Collaborations

Katie: Slightly fewer as she has been as active for as long as Madalina. She does cover Medical, Collab, Patdown, Roleplay andAlternative Medicine.

Score: 1 point to Madalina

Quality of Video

Rating the production quality of content created, visuals, sound and props

Madalina: Obviously been going longer so has a high quality of sound and setting as well as loads of props. Good use of camera angles.

Katie: Perhaps not quite as polished as Mad P yet but to be expected.

Score: 1 point to Madalina

Quirky Factor

Just how weird and unusual is the content?

Madalina: Solid performer, you know what you are getting which has its own merits.

Katie: Top level quirkiness from Katie. Love how odd some of her content is. Never sure exactly what is happening. Interesting thumbnails!

Score: 1 point to Katie


So who has the best collabs?

Madalina: She really alerted me to the collabs that go on and of course she introduced Katie to her channel. She has some really neat 2 and 3 way collabs.

Katie: Of course Madalina has also appeared on KatieASMR’s channel along with their friend Ivy B ASMR. More collabs please!

Score: 1 point to Madalina

Stats attack!

Let’s look at some stats – subs, # of videos, views per video, frequency etc

Madalina: 175K subscribers, 456 videos, 46,018,724 views, joined 2021 -101k vpv

Katie: 45.9K subscribers, 90 videos, 7,607,432 views, joined 2022, 85k vpv

Score: 1 point to Madalina

Tingle Rating

Both score 4.5 out of 5 on our tingle rating. Super tingly!

So a point each! (I know, I broke the rules!)

Matchup Result!

Well the final score is 5 to Madalina and 2 to Katie – which seems a bit harsh!

Some of that scoring is due to Madalina having been active for longer.

Either way, both are great ASMRtists and I really do enjoy watching their content.

Make sure you check them both out!

CriteriaMad P ASMRKatie ASMR
Final Scores of the match up between Mad P ASMR and KatieASMR

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