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ASMR Artists battle it out – who will win?

ASMR Matchups
ASMR Matchups

Have you ever wondered which ASMR artists would win in a head to head match up?

We take a couple of ASMR artists and compare a number of factors such as Tingle rating, Stats, Quality and Quirkiness on both artists and see who scores the highest.

All done in fun as we really like all of the artists we feature!

Mad P ASMR vs KatieASMR

First to go head to head are Madalina from Mad P ASMR and Katie from KatieASMR.

Who wins? Find out in our Mad P vs Katie match up!

Kent Survival vs Simon, a Bloke in the Woods

Kent vs Simon

Who wins the big outdoors & bushcraft face off?

Hopefully there wont be chainsaws at dawn!

Mondragon Chiropractic vs Chiropractic Medicine

Brenda-Mondragon vs Chiropractic Medicine
Mondragon Chiropractic vs Chiropractic Medicine

Who is going to pop into the lead with a cracking score?

Both are stylish, unique and very entertaining with lots of tingles!

Next up for an ASMR match up?

If you would like to see your favourite ASMR artist on the match up series let us know.

Suggest an artist and if you have someone you would like to see them head to head with tell us!