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Interview with AvaleaAudio
Interview with AvaleaAudio

AvaleaAudio Interview

I was pleased that Ava from AvaleaAudio agreed to answer the interview questions as I haven’t really experienced a great deal of Audio only ASMR.

So it was good to get a better understanding of this type of ASMR and hear what she had to say about her channel.

Ava also has some great advice on starting an ASMR YouTube channel, insights into what equipment she uses and tells us about her favourite type of ASMR – one I am going to have to try out!

Catch her super tingly RP content here and watch out for her collabs later this year!

Who is AvaleaAudio?

What is your name? My name is Avalea but most people all me Ava!

What is your nationality?  I’m British.

Where are you based/do you live now? I live in the UK.

What is your profession/occupation? Well, I do ASMR full time so I’m not doing anything else!

What is your marital status? Shhhhhh, it’s a secret.

Do you have any children? Nope.

Do you have any pets? I wish!

What is an interesting fact about you or something unusual that you have done? Hmmmm… I’m a pretty mundane person for the most part. I like to sing, I guess!

What do you do to relax or for fun away from ASMR? I play games a lot, mainly competitive games.

Tell us about ASMR and your YouTube channel

How would you describe your ASMR channel? My channel is an ASMR RP based channel that has a wide variety of content!

Why did you get into ASMR? I listen to ASMR a lot, both roleplay and just general ASMR. It helped me a lot through a tough time in my life when I was alone. It made me feel like I had company.

I’d wanted to do it for a while but never took the step. One day I got bored and tried it out! One of my friends started ASMR RP and it reminded me of that passion I had for it.

Your favourite types of ASMR? In terms of general ASMR, I love inaudible mouth sounds or ear massages! I do watch a lot of eating ASMR though… And I actually really like ice eating ASMR!

How does ASMR make you feel? To me, I find it to be almost like a grounding technique. It really helps me to relax and just draw my focus onto one thing.

Do you still watch ASMR Videos? Yes! I pretty much watch ASMR when I just need to fill some time. Eating ASMR is so good for this!

How often do you watch ASMR? Everyday!

Your own biggest ASMR Triggers? Anything to do with glass tends to give me tingles. Tapping on glass jars, water in a glass bottle, etc.

Your favourite ASMR artist/s and why? For general ASMR, Lami Food, Ali Iceberg and PJ Dreams ASMR are my favourites! Their quality is good and that’s super important to me!

For ASMR RP, I think I’m a little biased (as these people are my friends) but Seth VA, HappyLager VA and AuroraASMR release REALLY good content!

What are the main benefits for viewers from watching your content? The goal of my content is just to help people! Some people listen to my ASMR to fall asleep to, some people listen to it for company, so I just want to help them with that!

What makes your ASMR Videos different from many others? To be honest, I don’t think there’s anything I’m doing that others don’t do!

The only thing I would say is that I haven’t met another British female ASMRtist but who knows.

The most memorable thing to happen making a video? Hmmm… I would actually say my first video is the most memorable thing that has happened.

I posted the video, just with the intent to start a new hobby. But my video reached 65k views in just over a few weeks and it was so nice to see that people actually loved my voice and my content!

What is the most enjoyable part of creating ASMR content? For me, it’s exploring new scripts! I’ve always enjoyed acting so naturally, I actually love the recording part!

What is the hardest part of running a YouTube channel? I’ve always struggled with routine and motivation so trying to upload regularly is tough sometimes.

Also, YouTube urges people to create content that fits trends and what people want, which isn’t always what I want to put out.

It’s trying to find a balance between what people want to see and what I enjoy. Most of the time, I tend to disregard the latter.

Do you read all the comments? I do! I read every single comment!

What’s the best comment you have read? I don’t think I could narrow it down to just one to be honest! I love seeing comments about people’s reactions to certain phrases or words.

Comments like “When you said [insert word here], it made me smile” and things like that.

Any plans for collaborations? I have a couple of collabs in the works! And I’m always looking to do more!

What is new on your channel this year? Hmmmm… There are a couple of new things coming this year! Some of which I will keep a secret but I have loads of fun collabs coming out, as well as ideas for maybe different types of videos!

What do you see trending in your area of ASMR? Following common tropes seems to always trend. Things like Yandere, Tsundere, Enemies to Lovers, etc. Rightfully so! They’re really fun and interesting dynamics to be explored with those!

Where do you see ASMR content being in 5 years? ASMR content is always going to thrive and grow. The only downside is that YouTube keeps introducing new rules and policies that seem to directly affect ASMRtists.

Best tips for someone starting an ASMR YouTube channel? Do it! Don’t worry about what other people think, about whether it will be good or not.

Create the content because YOU want to, not because other people want you to. Do it because YOU enjoy it. It’s YOUR content. Go at your own pace and have fun!

Making & Marketing an ASMR Video by AvaleaAudio

How long does it take to record & edit one of your ASMR videos? Recording takes about 20-40 minutes each script. Editing takes a lot longer for me because I really don’t like editing… It takes me a few days to edit an audio, especially if it has a lot of SFX.

Which is your favourite piece of equipment for recording content? Well, it’s my microphone!! I’ve done voice acting for a long while before I started my channel. And I started with my little webcam microphone.

From there, I moved up to a cheap desk microphone from a supermarket to then get a Blue Yeti to then upgrade to my current microphone, the Scarlett 2i2 Studio XLR microphone. To me, it’s physical proof of progress and improvement.

How do you research your ASMR content? At least once a week, I try and watch other ASMRtist’s videos to see what content people are watching and what people aren’t.

That gives me a good idea as to maybe what script tags to look for or even scripts I can try filling myself!

What do you think is the most important factor of the YouTube algorithm? Recommendations. That’s how new people discover your content, that’s how videos gain traction. If they aren’t gaining traction, that means they aren’t being recommended to people.

How do you drive most of your traffic to the channel? If I’m being honest, I don’t really do anything excessive to promote my channel. I announce my posts on my Twitter and in my Discord but those are to people who already follow my content.

Collaborations are always good ways to expand your audience!

Which social media channels do you use to market your content? Twitter and Discord.

How do you see AI such as ChatGPT impacting ASMR in the future? I don’t the influence will be entirely positive. I mean, we’ve seen the impact that AI art has had on the artist community. I believe it will be the same for ASMR creators.