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ASMR Artists – A to Z! (Eventually!)

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ASMR Directory

I am creating a directory of all the ASMR Artists I discover.

Let me know if you would like your ASMR channel added or your own favourite ASMR Artists!

I am adding ASMR Artists daily – bear with me!

ASMR Artists ‘A’

ASMR Artist NameASMR Style
Abby ASMRFast & Cozy!
ALB in whisperlandRoleplay & Halloween
ASMR AliceHousehold Cleaning
ASMR Alice JapanMedical & Cleaning Sounds
Alfredo ASMRLimpia, Collabs & Massage
Allsorts ASMRHistory & Conspiracy Theories
AlmazanKitchen Outdoor cooking & No Talking
AngelicaNo talking, Roleplay and Medical ASMR
April’s ASMRFast & Aggressive for ADHD
ASMR AlyssaTracing & Roleplay
Amuse ASMRTalking & Typing
Amy Kay ASMRSci-fi and Fantasy Cosplay
ASMR AngelRoleplay & Soft Speaking
AngelicaNo talking & Medical Roleplay
Angelo Shoe ShineShoe Shine & Repair
anoASMRFast, Animation & Tapping
Athena JezikMassage, Cranio Sacral Therapy
Articulate Design ASMRPersonal Attention & Soft Voice
ASMatt ASMRBinaural & Soft Voice
ASMR AugustRoleplay, POV, Skin Pulling, Massage
Real Person ASMR by AugustReal Person, Medical, Role Play

ASMR Artists ‘B’

ASMR BakeryTapping & Massage
Batala’s ASMRMouth sounds, nails & Personal Attention
ASMR BeautySpa Treatments & Massage
Be Brave Be YouLifestyle & Roleplay

ASMR Artists ‘C’

Chili b ASMRRoleplay, Medical & Alternative Therapy
Chiropractic Medicine Chiropractor & Agent 47
ASMR ClaudyRoleplay and Personal Attention
Creative Calm ASMRFun, guided hypnosis, roleplay & collabs

ASMR Artists ‘D’

Timur DoctorovMassage, Spa Therapy & Pain!

ASMR Artists ‘E’

ediyasmrSpiritual and Alternative Therapy
emvy ASMRReal Person & Collabs
esteASMRSouth Korean Massage & Ear cleaning
Explore MoreMassage, Spa, Travel & Treatments

ASMR Artists ‘F’

Alex FaBBBarber & Massage – Italian in china
Fairy Char ASMRMedical Exams & Collabs
FeenaArt, Make Up, Role Play
(Fe)MaleASMRWeird & Unusual German ASMR – great!

ASMR Artists ‘G’

Gibi ASMRCosplay & Roleplay
Dr James GillMedical & Soft Voice
Ginger EpiphanyLayered Sounds & Reiki

ASMR Artists ‘H’

Haircut HarryHaircuts, Barber & Travel
Heather Feather ASMRRoleplay and Sound ASMR

ASMR Artists ‘I’

Irma La Dulce ASMRRoleplay, Personal Attention & Alt Therapy
Ivy B ASMRRole Play, Medical, Patdown & Spanish Speaking

ASMR Artists ‘J’

ASMR JapanHaircuts Japanese Style
Jason RuppTravel, haircuts, beard trims, massage & madness!
Jocie B ASMRMakeup & Roleplay
Joe RobinetBushcraft, Outdoors, Camping, Food Prep & Dogs
Jules ASMRFast & Aggressive plus Mouth Sounds

ASMR Artists ‘K’

KALI ASMRInaudible, Personal Attention and French
Katherina ASMRRoleplay, Patdowns, Massage & Medical ASMR
Katie ASMR Quirky, Odd, Roleplay, Medical & Fun
Kent SurvivalOutdoors, Food Preparation, Chopping, Ambient Sounds
Kewas ASMRReal People, Massage, Soft Voice, Yoga & Chilled

ASMR Artists ‘L’

Sarah LavenderMedical Roleplay, Pomodoro, Fast
lize-asmrMouth Sounds
Lizi ASMRPersonal Attention
Dr Lucys Massage OfficeMassage, Acupuncture & Therapy
Lucy YARI ASMRCollab, Patdown & Massage
LullingLisaASMRMedical & Roleplay
LunaLux ASMR Patdown, Medical & Roleplay
Lyssie ASMRFast & Aggressive

ASMR Artists ‘M’

Mad P ASMRMedical & Roleplay
Mondragon ChiropracticChiropractic, Massage & Leggings
Moonlight Cottage ASMRFrench Historical Roleplay

ASMR Artists ‘N’

Nomad BarberBarber, Massage & Travel

ASMR Artists ‘0’

Olivia Kissper ASMR Whispering, Meditation & Self Discovery
Ozley ASMRPersonal attention & will cure Insomnia! Babies love her!

ASMR Artists ‘P’

ASMR Artists ‘Q’

ASMR Artists ‘R’

Real Person ASMR by AugustReal Person Medical Roleplay
Relaxing Sleep ASMRQuirky & Funny Hair Salon Roleplay
Relax Han ASMRBarber in South Korea

ASMR Artists ‘S’

Scottish Murmurs ASMRScottish funny roleplay
Seara BeautyVenezuelan US based massage & travel
SemideCocoCanadian real person medical content
ShiliTVSpa, Massage & Ear Cleaning – quirky!
ASMR Shortbread Scottish close personal contact
SRP ASMRBirmingham based eye exams

ASMR Artists ‘T’

The ASMR RyanHorror, Movie, TV, Gaming & Roleplay
Timur DoctorovRussian tough massages & travel
ASMR TreasuryAmbient sounds, medical and soft spoken
Tokyo Massage ASMRBarbering in Tokyo
ASMR TwixJapanese based spa, facials & massages

ASMR Artists ‘U’

Pleasant ASMR Mic Sounds and fast & aggressive

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