SRP ASMR - Medical & Eye Exam ASMR
SRP ASMR – Medical & Eye Exam ASMR


SRP ASMR is a British ASMR artist (and ‘humble optometrist’) called Steven who creates ASMR videos focussing on eye exams, medical content and unintentional ASMR.

The main benefits of watching his content is one of calming relaxation and sleep.

He has over 200k subscribers and his videos have been watched nearly 54 million times since 2018.

ASMR Tingle Rating for SRP ASMR

Steven has a really nice relaxing manner and a super soft voice.

And his videos will soothe you and help you sleep. So 4.5 stars!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

SRP ASMR Bio, Channel Information & Stats

SRP ASR Real Name: Steven

YouTube: Channel – SRP ASMR here


Categories: Medical, Roleplay, Eye Exam, Unintentional ASMR

Video Location: Surgery, Studio

Channel Live: 2018

Subscribers: 241k

Total Views: 66 million

Total Videos: 427

Occupation: Optometrist

Nationality: British

Location: UK

Typical video Length: 10 to 20 minutes

Typical number of people in the video: 1, occasionally 2

Release schedule: About 2 videos per week

SRP ASMR on TikTok

TikTok channel here

TikTok Channel Name: srpasmr

Bio: No bio yet. (that is his Bio!)

Following: 6

Followers: 115k

Likes: 2.3m

SRP ASMR – ASMR Triggers

Steven is known for his soft voice and up close eye examinations.

So his ASMR triggers tend to reflect those actions.

  • Soft spoken
  • Mumbling / Unintelligible
  • British Accent
  • Personal attention
  • Up close
  • Hand movements
  • Touching
  • Binaural sounds
  • Spraying Sounds
  • Hypnotic voice
  • White Noise
  • Hand movements
  • Real Person
  • Equipment Sounds
  • Tapping / Scratching
  • POV
  • Role Play
  • Measuring

Key Benefits for you from SRP ASMR

Soothingsooooooo many people comment just how soothing and relaxing Steven’s content is. What is interesting is again how many people also appreciate the silences he leaves. You don’t always need to talk to get triggers!

Stress Relief – Many folks also found that his videos helped them relieve stress. Whether seeming to lowering blood pressure, helping calm people down when having panic attacks and anxiety attacks. And some found they helped deal with grief.

Sleep – inevitably sleep was one of the main benefits of his content. Although he does seem to get quicker results than many other ASMR Artists!

What I really like about SRP ASMR

I think he is one of the few British male ASMR Artists creating ASMR content that isn’t ‘unintentional’. But is fully deliberate ASMR.

And of course the Brummie accent is refreshing to hear!

Quirks and features of SRP ASMR

He has all the right equipment!

One of the advantages of being an actual real life Optometrist is he gets access to all the cool eye examination kit.

But he also likes to use toy medical equipment as well – and why not?

If you are not from the UK you may not know that his accent is actually a Brummie accent! (Not everyone from the UK sounds like Hugh Grant)

My favourite video from SRP ASMR

This is one of Steven’s first medical equipment videos.

Here he shows us 36 Optical triggers.

Fascinating to see the equipment from his POV. For example the ‘phoropter head’ – never knew what that was called before!

The triggers are great, up close, amazing sounds and clicks from the equipment and all very soft spoken of course.

Eye examination from SRP ASMR
Eye examination from SRP ASMR

What to watch on SRP ASMR

I really like it when ASMR Artists create good playlists as it means I can just let them run and fall asleep or relax.

Here a a couple of his more different types of playlist content.

Slit Lamp Examination – using the slit lamp equipment to examine eyes. It also creates some nice tingly sounds as well! Playlist here

Medical Equipment – this is a good idea. A compilation of all his medical equipment ASMR triggers. Here

What we would like to see from SRP ASMR next?

I found the Minecraft style of ASMR interesting. So maybe some more gaming style ASMR videos? A collab with Jojo’s ASMR?

Similar ASMR creators to SRP ASMR

It’s good to highlight three male ASMR artists.

Dr. T ASMR chemistry, wood carving, plucking & puzzles – a real mix of ASMR styles here

Jojo’s ASMR – impersonations, role play, collabs and car play – all to help you sleep here

Dr James Gill – real medical professional with unintentional medical exam ASMR – here

Before you go – here is a handpicked article just for you!

SRP ASMR videos are aimed to relax so here is a post to help you sleep!

Please note the tingle ratings are all subjective – make your own mind up by watching Steven’s videos!