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시리TV Shili

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

About Shili TV or 시리

Shili TV is a Korean ASMR Artist who creates video content from Spas in China she visits.
Jae-il, her actual name, focuses on traditional and modern Chinese therapy treatments
such as massages, ear cleaning, skin care, acupuncture, moxibustion and cupping.

She also visits food markets and has some educational content.

Shili TV YouTube channel information

Artist Name: Jae-il

Marital Status: Married 2022

YouTube: Shili TV – YouTube

Category: Massage, Spa, Chiropractic, Food, Education

Age of Channel: 2019

Subscribers: 2.14m

Total Video views: 635 million

Country: South Korea

Nationality: South Korean

Setting: Spa, at home, on the street, restaurants

Typical video Length: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Number of people: 2

Last updated March 2023

ASMR Triggers

Scratching, brushing, water sounds, hand movements, massage, ear cleaning, friction, white noise, manipulation, hairdryers, tapping, skin care

Most popular 3 videos

Worlds Greatest Ear Cleaning – 33m views

ASMR The Professional Ear Cleaning with Cloud Knife -18m views

Worlds Greatest Foot Massage – 18m views

Quirks and features

See if you can spot the ‘ooohs’ when the peacocks feather is used in ear cleaning!

What we like about Shili TV

Shili always has a great variety of content, from spa day massages, ear cleaning, moxibustion, cupping, tapping, manipulation, sleep massages, skin care. And some stuff that I am not sure what it is! But it works for ASMR!

Normally ShiliTV will publish a video every two or three weeks and the content is always of a high quality with great visuals and high quality sound.

What I find interesting is the settings that are used. The ‘Spa’s’ vary enormously from the old fashioned, traditional buildings and rooms to the ultra modern clinics. Both have their charms and its great to get an insight into how modern China works along side the older, traditional China.

Most likely to say

Bye! (waves hands)

Least likely to say

My ears are dirty!

Our favourite ShiliTV video

This is such a great video for ASMR tingles. There is a lot of rubbing, massaging and palpating. But the best bit for me is how the man uses the towel to get a better grip, or to cushion some of the hand chops. It makes such a tingly sound as it rustles around!

One of my favourite ever ASMR videos and one which I watch regularly if I need to relax and not think about anything as I know it so well!

A really strong workout aka Ancient Chinese Osteopathic / Chiropractic Adjustment from ShiliTV

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