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ShiliTV ASMR Artist
ShiliTV ASMR Artist

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About ShiliTV

Shili TV is a Korean ASMR Artist who creates video content from Spas and therapy centres she visits in China and other countries.

Jae-il, her real name, focuses on traditional and modern Chinese therapy treatments such as massages, ear cleaning, skin care, acupuncture, moxibustion and cupping.

She also visits food markets and has some educational content.

The main benefits of watching her content is to help you relax and de-stress as well as sleep. But also for entertainment, fun and to learn!

She has over 2 million subscribers and her videos have been watched over 665 million times since 2014.

ASMR Tingle Rating for Shili TV

I love the way ShiliTV has such an amazing variety of treatments for us to experience. So for that reason I give her a top rating of 5 stars!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Shili TV Bio, Channel Information & Stats

Artist’s Real Name: Jae-il

YouTube: Channel – here

YouTube ID: @ShiliASMR

Categories: Massage, Spa, Chiropractic, Food, Education, Alternative Therapy

Video Location: Spa, Treatment Rooms, Restaurants, Street Markets

Channel Live: 2019

Subscribers: 2.27 million

Total Views: 689 million

Total Videos: 131

Nationality: South Korean

Location: South Korea

Typical video Length: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Typical number of people in the video: 2

Release schedule: About 1 video very 2 weeks on average

ShiliTV Social Channels

Shili TV occasionally posts on Instagram but hasn’t done so for quite a while. She has over 18,000 followers and has posted 24 times.

ShiliTV on Instagram

Instagram: here for her Instagram account!

Instagram Channel Name: shilitv

Bio: shili

Posts: 24

Followers: 18.3k

Following: 4

Located: South Korea

Date Joined: June 2018

ShiliTV – ASMR Triggers

Shili TV has a focus on Massages and alternative therapies so if you like those types of video here are the ASMR triggers she will provide you with.

ShiliTV introduced me to the classic tuning fork and peacock feather combination. All part of the ear cleaning process.

Scratching, brushing, water sounds, hand movements, foot massage, massage, ear cleaning, friction and white noise.

She also has ASMR Triggers such as manipulation, hairdryer sounds, make up, tapping, skin care, squeezing, chiropractic pops and cracks, cupping and scalp massage. All bases covered!

Key Benefits for you from ShiliTV

In my experience ShiliTV has lots of triggers in her content. Possibly this is because many of the treatments are new to me so I get triggers from exposure to these new triggers. Either way this really helps me relax and chill out.

Relaxing – ShiliTV has a lot of massage content and I always find these super relaxing. I just wish it was me getting the treatments!

Sleep– some of ShiliTV’s videos are really mesmerising. I particularly like the more vigorous treatments which for some reason I find help me sleep!

Stress Relief – a lot of people find she helps them deal with stress. I think it’s because you really get involve with her content so you get distracted – in a good way! It buys you that time out and space away from your daily troubles.

What I really like about ShiliTV

Shili always has a great variety of content, from spa day massages, ear cleaning, moxibustion, cupping, tapping, manipulation, sleep massages, skin care. And some stuff that I am not sure what it is! But it works for ASMR!

Normally ShiliTV will publish a video every two or three weeks and the content is always of a high quality with great visuals and high quality sound. Those Ear Cleaning sessions are in super hi definition!

What I find interesting is the settings that are used. The ‘Spa’s’ vary enormously from the old fashioned, traditional buildings and rooms to the ultra modern clinics.

Both have their charms and its great to get an insight into how modern China works along side the older, traditional China.

Quirks and features of shiliTV

See if you can spot the ‘ooohs’ when the peacocks feather is used in ear cleaning! She always seems surprised!

My favourite video from ShiliTV

This is such a great video for ASMR tingles. There is a lot of rubbing, massaging and palpating.

But the best bit for me is how the man uses the towel to get a better grip, or to cushion some of the hand chops.

It makes such a tingly sound as it rustles around!

One of my favourite ever ASMR videos and one which I watch regularly if I need to relax and not think about anything as I know it so well!

Guaranteed to help you relax!

What to watch on ShiliTV

If you are looking for a good playlist to help you drop off to sleep here are the key ones on ShiliTV’s channel

Qingdao, China – some of the very best treatments for ear cleaning, moxibustion and massages. Playlist here

Korea – I really like some of the skin treatmenst and foot care in Korea. Do click here!

What we would like to see from ShiliTV next?

I am tempted to say more of the same but I would really like to see some repeat visits to some of the alternative therapists she has already visited.

A few YouTubers like Haircut Harry and TokyoASMR do this and it works really well.

Similar ASMR creators to ShiliTV

ShiliTV has her own unique style and approach. But here are some alternative ASMRtists you may wish to have a look at.
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Please note the tingle ratings are all subjective – make your own mind up by watching ShiliTV’s videos!