Lizi ASMR - Personal Attention ASMR
Lizi ASMR – Personal Attention ASMR

About Lizi ASMR 

Lizi ASMR is a Belarusian ASMR artist based in the USA who creates ASMR videos focussing on personal attention, whispering with great layered binaural sound quality.

She creates ASMR content in a wide variety of styles and currently has over 550k subscribers. Her videos have been watched nearly 140 million times.

ASMR Tingle Rating

Her sound quality and personal attention as well as the variety make Lizi well worth listening to watching.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Lizi ASMR Bio, Channel Information & Stats

Artist’s Name: Lizi

YouTube: Channel – here

Categories: Soft spoken, Whispering, Medical, Massage, Roleplay, Personal Attention

Video Location: Studio

Channel Live: 2018

Subscribers: 632k

Total Views: 169 million

Total Videos: 621

Nationality: Belarus

Birthday: May 16 1996

Location: USA

Is Lizi ASMR Married?: Unknown – sorry!

Dog: Lizi has a pet dog called Gaia

Typical video Length: 25 minutes

Typical number of people in the video: 1

Release schedule: Usually Tuesday, Thursday, and Sundays

Lizi ASMR Triggers

Lizi really does have a wide variety of content so here are a few of the triggers I get from watching her videos:

  • Tapping
  • Wiping
  • Liquid sounds
  • Cutting Sounds
  • Checking hair
  • Lotion sounds
  • Salons
  • Skin care
  • Measuring

Key Benefits for you from Lizi ASMR  

Relaxing – Lizi has a completely natural soft voice that is so relaxing. As a lot of her content is geared towards the close and personal style this comes across really well.

Anxiety – a lot of subscribers seem to get relief from anxiety from Lizi’s content. Whether through general relaxation or more situational related content such as at the Doctors office.

Sleep – Lizi definitely seems to have a knack for helping her subscribers get to sleep. Her personal content really seems to connect well with folks and she has a very soothing manner.

What we really like about Lizi ASMR 

Something I think can get overlooked by some ASMRtists as they strive to make ever new types of content is sound quality.

And this is something that Lizi does really well. Her layered binaural recordings are super clear so I would recommend using headphones to max out the effect.

I love all the variety she has in her videos – robots, cranial nerve exams, Russian language teaching, fast ASMR, eye exam, sassy doctors and of course close personal attention.

Quirks and features of Lizi ASMR 

I think ‘quirky’ was a word created just for Lizi!

I like the way she doubles up with herself for some content.

I haven’t seen too many folks do this and she does it really well. Check out this eye exam she does, with herself!

She has an unusual take of some situations and always has interesting and varied types of content.

My favourite video from Lizi ASMR 

This video sums up Lizi quite well. It is a slightly longer than usual video. So more of Lizi and more tingles!

The main focus of this video is of a haircut in an up close and personal style.

What stands out for me about this is how realistic it is. The sounds are great, the pacing is really natural and not hurried. And you get lots of whispers and close personal attention.

Although that mannequin is creeping me out!

Lizi ASMR Haircut & Personal Attention
Lizi ASMR Haircut & Personal Attention

What to watch on Lizi ASMR 

If you are looking for an easy way to watch wall to wall Lizi, in a particular style, check out these playlists.

Fast ASMR – a selection of really fast videos which I really like such as ear cleaning, pat downs, make up and cranial nerve exams – here

Painting & Sketching – Lizi goes all Bob Ross as she knocks out a few canvases! Have a look at her work on portraits here

Fixing You – Robot Repair – I love this series. How cool is it to be fixed by Lizi! This is next level role play – link here

What we would like to see from Lizi ASMR next?

As I mentioned earlier in the quirks and features she occasionally creates content with herself as a body double.

I really like these for some reason – twice the Lizi I suppose!

So more of those styles would be great please!

Similar ASMR creators to Lizi ASMR 

I am going for the quirky angle here. So here are some of the quirkiest ASMR artists out there!

KatieASMR – you never know what KatieASMR is going to do next – always fun!

LunaLux ASMR – great collabs which can be surprising

(Fe)Male ASMR – if you know, you know!

Other Lizi ASMR Channels below

Lizi is active on a number of social channels and other platforms.

These include Patreon, Twitter, Facebook and Spotify.

Lizi ASMR on Instagram

Instagram: here for her Instagram account!

Instagram Channel Name: liziasmr

Bio: Lizi_official

Posts: 322

Followers: 23.4k

Following: 102

Category: Artist

Located: Turkey

Date joined: February 2019

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Please note the tingle ratings are all subjective – make your own mind up by watching Lizi ASMR’s videos!