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Isabella ASMR
Isabella ASMR

Who is Isabella ASMR?

Isabella ASMR (real name Isabella Pontbriand) is an American ASMR Artist who creates Girlfriend, Roleplay and Medical ASMR video content.

Isabella ASMR says she create videos that ‘can help people relax and fall asleep a bit easier‘.

She has nearly 60k subscribers and nearly 14 million channel views from her 700 videos.

Her ASMR triggers to give you tingles include soft spoken, girlfriend roleplay, whispering, hand movements, flirty behaviour, water sounds and personal attention.

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Isabella ASMR Personal Information

Isabella ASMR real name is Isabella Pontbriand

Isabella ASMR nationality is American

Isabella is originally from a small town outside Boston

Isabella ASMR studied Journalism and Psychology at Boston University

Isabella ASMR social channels details

Isabella ASMR YouTube channel is here and her ID is @isabella_asmr

Isabella ASMR is on Instagram with her ASMR channel here but you have to follow to view her account

Isabella ASMR is also on Patreon here

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