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Dr James Gill - Unintentional Medical ASMR
Dr James Gill – Unintentional Medical ASMR

About Dr James Gill

Dr James Gill is an English real Doctor who produces educational videos on various medical topics in order to help students improve their OSCE grade and overall clinical knowledge.

However, we love him for his unintentional medical ASMR and smashing soft voice!

Tingle Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

We love his voice and bedside manner. Super soothng and comforting!

So he rates 4.5 stars!

Channel Information – Dr James Gill

Artist Name: James Gill

YouTube: Dr James Gill here

YouTube ID: @DrJamesGill

Categories: Medical, Examinations, Audiobooks, Teaching, Tutorials

Video Location: Doctors Surgery

Channel Live: 2018

Subscribers: 156k

Total Views: 42 million

Total Videos: 356

Country: United Kingdom

Nationality: British

Most likely to say: ‘Hello, my name’s Dr Gill’

Least likely to say: Don’t ‘putabitofpaper‘ on them!

Typical video Length: 5 to 20 minutes

Typical number of people in the video: 2

Dr James Gill ASMR Triggers

Dr James Gill has a number of key ASMR triggers. His soft voice is really his main one that works for most folks.

But there are also others such as Palpation, Percussion, Auscultation, Hand Movements, Manipulation, Close Personal Contact, Touching and Measuring. And his British accent!

Key Benefits for you of the Dr James Gill channel

I think a lot of people really like just how relaxing and calming his voice is.

And he also is very comforting and reassuring creating a really safe and cozy environment. Even in the harsh settings of the surgery.

3 most viewed videos from Dr James Gill:

1. Cranial Nerve Examination Demonstration

The classic ‘Cranial Nerve Examination’ is such a good unintentional ASMR video. This one from Dr James Gill has over 3.5 million views. Using his soft voice he runs through the various check such as eye examination, sensation testing and hearing examination.

For ASMR ‘hits‘ the most replayed part is the close up eye examination at 2:57. Always a firm favourite part of any Cranial Nerve Examination. It also has the crowd pleasing multiple questions of ‘any double vision?’ at 4:24.

Link here

2. Thyroid Clinical Examination

This is ‘replacement’ for his original Thyroid Examination – more on that later. While only a short, 6:40 video, this packs a lot of palpations, pressing and putabitofpaper moments. This has 1.3 million views so far.

From an ASMR point of view the lymph node checks are gold and also the tapping of the chest at 4:50 and reflex testing at 5:36.

Link here

3. Knee Examination

This is fairly new video and has already racked up 1.3m views in three months. It is nearly 17 minutes long and is looking at how to perform a clinical knee examination.

The ASMR interest lies in the measuring of the legs, manipulation of the knee and patella and the most replayed special knee tests.

Link here

Quirks and features:

I think it is fair to say that Dr Gill always dresses very well and his choice in waistcoats is always on point!

What we like about Dr James Gill

What’s not to like? Dr Gill has a lovely soft voice. Quite a deep voice as well.

He has a really comforting manner. (Some) other Doctors take note!

We really like how he makes his patients, and us, feel at ease.

He really does inform you. It’s weird, but like a lot of people who are there only for the ASMR you pick up really solid and valid advice.

There is a really good pace to the videos. They aren’t hurried or too, fake, slow.

They regularly hit the ASMR triggers for us, whether its palpation, tapping, sense testing, reflex exams – the videos always contain a lot of ASMR elements.

I also like the way he has ‘regular’ patients. In a weird way it means you don’t have to get to know them. So you can just focus on the ASMR. Hopefully they are all just faking their ailments!

Our favourite Dr James Gill video – Thyroid Examination (Old version)

The original version of this video was probably the first video I ever saw by Dr Gill. And I loved it!

Obviously a massive unintended ASMR video but it hits all the sweet spots.

Dr Gill runs through an examination including checking the hands, blood pressure, eye check, throat, lymph node checks, chest tapping and then knee and ankle reflexes.

Featuring Lucy Brown with a dodgy date of birth the key ASMR points for me are the ‘famous’ putabitofpaperonthem at 1:02, any double vision at 3:27 and the neck examination at 4:40.

There is also chest tapping at 5:01 and some reflex checking at 5:50.

Aligned with Dr Gill’s super soft voice and easy manner this for me is the best of his videos.

Check it out here

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Dr James Gill on Twitter

Twitter Channel: here

Channel name: @DrJamesGill

Bio: Doctor working in Warwickshire, trying to make life a little less serious for my Pts.

Followers: 3,846

Following: 725

Before you go – more medical ASMR!

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Please note the tingle ratings are all subjective – make your own mind up by watching James’s videos!