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Blissful Whisper ASMR

Blissful Whisper ASMR
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About Blissful Whisper ASMR

Blissful Whisper ASMR is an English ASMRtist who creates outdoors, Reiki, personal attention and roleplay ASMR videos.

She is best known for her Spa, Reiki and massage content.

Her real name is Sam and she also has a smashing wee blog called A Whimsical Soul where she guides us on interior decor, slow living and slow travel.

Her aim is create ‘ASMR videos in nature to make you sleepy’. Awesome!

Sam’s ASMR triggers include tapping, lofi, Reiki styles, birds singing, humming, cleansing and medical tests. Very talented!

She has 61k subscribers and 6m channel views from her 160+ YouTube ASMR videos which you can watch here.

Sam is also on Instagram and Pinterest (for her Whimsical Soul content)

About Us

Outdoors ASMR is why you will really like Blissful Whisper ASMR!

Sam is one of the few people to actually get outdoors ASMR right!

I love her slow travelogue style content. Something super relaxing about it.

As one of subscriber commented: ‘Unique asmr artist, so soothing and ethereal’. Which I think sums her up wonderfully!

I think you will enjoy her ‘Quiet day in the Cotswolds’ and the ‘Real person in the English Countryside’.

Both are interesting, informative and have some really gentle ASMR triggers like soft voice, hair play, humming and bird song.

There aren’t too many unique ASMRtists out there. It can all be a bit formulaic. But Sam offers something a bit different. check her out!

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