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About Angelica

Angelica is an American ASMR artist based in USA specialising in No talking, Roleplay and Medical ASMR. She creates ASMR content that uses triggers such as fast paced and soft talking, with comedy to help you fun and relaxation.

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ASMR Tingle Rating for Angelica

We rate @AngelicatheArtista 4.5 stars out of 5 on our unique tingle rating!

Angelica Channel Information & Stats

Artist’s Name: Angelica

YouTube: Angelica – here

Categories: Roleplay, History, No Talking, Sleep, Sience Fiction, Spanish, Medical, Collab

Video Location: studio

Channel Live: 2015

Subscribers: 660k

Total Views: 166 million

Typical video Length: 20 minutes

Typical number of people in the video: 1, ocaasionaly 2 for collabs

Release schedule:

Total number of videos: 1,200

Angelica Bio and Personal Information

Name: Angelica

Age / D.O.B: 1999

Married: Unknown

Partner: Unknown

Children: Unknown

Pets: Unknown

Lives in: USA

Angelica most popular video

The most popular video on the Angelica site is her ‘1300s A.D. ASMR Nun Takes Care of You In Bed You Have the Plague’ with over 5 million views

So have a look here and see what they are all about!

Angelica ASMR Triggers

Angelica has a wide variety of ASMR triggers including fast paced, brush strokes, spraying, repetition, breathe in and out, head stroking, head tapping, drawing.

There should be something there to give you some tingles!

Key Benefits for you from Angelica

The main ASMR benefits that you get from Angelica include fun and relaxation.

Enjoy watching and listening to their content!

Angelica Social Channels

Angelica currently has the following Social channels where you can get new and different content to their main YouTube channel.

Angelica Instagram Info

Profile: angelicaslabyrinth

Number of posts: 27

Number of followers: 38,000

Following: 305

Bio: Video creator

Location: USA

Date joined: 2016

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