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Ever wanted to know more about your favourite ASMRtist? Where do they live? Are they married? Why did they get into ASMR?

Which are their favourite ASMRtists? Do they read all of the comments – really? What do they enjoy and dislike most about creating content?

Or what is the easiest way to start and ASMR Channel? Which is the best equipment to use? What is the secret of the YouTube algorithm?

Or how do they think AI such as ChatGPT is going to impact ASMR content creation?

Check out these ASMR Interviews

We already have a number of interviews for you to catch up on offering some unique insights into how ASMRtists think and work.

asmr august - interview
asmr august
Interview with AvaleaAudio
Ducky ASMR Interview
Ducky ASMR
Xarty ASMR Interview
Xarty ASMR

Contact us if you would like to be interviewed!

We have about 30 questions but you can pick and choose which ones you want to answer.

You can answer or as fully or as briefly as you want.

The aim is to let folks know a bit more about you outside of the content that you are creating. People really are interested in what you have to say!

And if you would like to recommend any ASMRtists for us to interview do let us know.

We do contact people asking for them to take part but appreciate that it takes time to answer the questions. So it’s not for everyone!

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