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I love barber ASMR for all the haircuts, shaves and massages that come with them. And what is great is that there are so many fabulous female barbers out there and that they are being featured on many of the ASMR barber channels.

So I thought I would put together a quick list of the most enjoyable and ASMR friendly (tingles!) female barbers and share with you all.

Best female barbers for ASMR
Best female barbers for ASMR

Do female barbers differ from male ones?

I was thinking about this the other day. Is there any difference between female and male barbers?

Each barber has there own style, rituals, process, tools and obviously outcomes.

And I am definitely seeing more female barbers in ASMR videos which is great.

You could say that female barbers tend to do a bit more of the ‘pampering’ side of things. But I am not sure if that is actually true. All of the female barbers I have seen have the same great skills and work in broadly the same way as their male counterparts.

So I don’t think there are any obvious differences – at least not to me!

1. No blade shave & face massage by Barberette in Prague

Tingle Rating 5 – a great face massage

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I can’t believe I have been watching this amazing shave and massage video for the last 4 years! I always come back to it at least once a month.

Shot in Prague at the gender neutral barber shop Barberette owned by Klára Vanovait is a fascinating introduction into shaving with no blade.

What you get is a really up close and personal ‘shave’ and what follows is an amazing massage and honestly Haircut Harry (yup, it’s one of his videos) comes out looking 10 years younger and so relaxed.

Why you will like this no blade shave and face massage video

  • Close personal attention – intense but soothing
  • Face massage like no other – and a neck massage as well!
  • Loads of tingles from creaky shoes, spraying, massaging, neck rubs, running water, scraping sounds and hair stroking
Klára Vanovait goes to work on Haircut Harry

2.  Styling by Andy of The Philadelphia Barber Co.

Tingle Rating 4.5 – perfect walk through a haircut

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Andy was a great find a few years ago (via BeardBrand) and I always love how she talks through exactly what she is doing. This may not be suitable for everyone from an ASMR pov. But she is so detailed and pays so much attention to what she is doing I find her a really relaxing watch.

As many people have pointed out she has a real passion for her craft and this really comes across in the content.

This video is a clean up and restyling and uses lots of scissor work, clippers, combing and neck shaving.

Why you will like this hair styling video

  • Really detailed work and close personal attention
  • Lots of scissor action which I know lots of folks like for ASMR tingles
  • You will learn a lot from Andy – make your barber watch her work!
Anndy gets to work styling in her own inimitable way

3. Relaxing shave from a female barber in Berlin

Tingle Rating 5 – just soooo relaxing

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The Nomad Barber often has women barbers in his videos as he travels around the world.

This visit to his barber shop in Berlin saw Evelyn giving Miguel a full, very close shave.

This one of the most relaxing and cleanest shaves I have seen and it ends with some lovely massage techniques.

Why you will like this shave video from Berlin

  • This is a super relaxing video – perfect for chilling out to
  • Evelyn really gets in close with the blade making for some great scraping sounds
  • Loads of lovely trigger such as face massage, scraping sounds, patting on aftershave, a really nice temple , head and eyebrow massage.
Full body soft & deep massage

4. A haircut shave and massage in Tokyo

Tingle Rating 4.5 – classy & satisfying

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Another great video from Tokyo ASMR Massage – they always seem to exude class in all of their content!

This is a super professional haircut and is loaded with ASMR goodness!

There are lots of scissor sounds as the stylist Neneko Kubonoya shapes the models hair before a perm solution is applied.

I hadn’t seen a ‘perm’ applied to a man before this video – maybe I need to get out more!

So you get a cut, perm, shave, massage and blow dry. A very full agenda.

Why you will like this Japanese haircut and shave video

  • Crinkle sounds from the perm cap that is used
  • Water spraying sounds and scissor sounds
  • Nice shoulder, neck and arm massage – I always like the massage being done through a towel. There are some good soft rustling sounds.
A great cut, perm, shave, massage and style from Neneko Kubonoya in Tokyo, Japan

5. Female student ASMR barber cut

Tingle Rating 4 – learning on the job

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is a nice video to watch as Jason Rupp get a haircut from a student barber.

She does get the odd bit of help from a colleague but mostly does her own thing.

She does a good job with the clippers, scissors and comb. There was a small accident with an eyebrow but it will grow back!

She is super focussed and overall this is a really nice video to watch. Not often you get to see someone lean on the job with a real client.

Why you will like this street massage video

  • Lots of buzzing sounds from the clippers
  • Water spraying sounds
  • Brushing sounds as Jason is dusted down
Student barber cuts Jason’s hair in Pattaya, Thailand

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