ASMR Survey – 2022

Take part in our very short ASMR survey!

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Update – 4 January 2023 – the survey will close on the 9th of January. So still time to take it!


We would really love it if you could take 1 minute to complete our first ASMR survey.

We are looking to see how and why people are watching ASMR videos in 2022.

There are only 9 questions. Final date for submission is 9 January 2023.

But if you can click on the link now while you are here that would be great!

We will be publishing results in early 2023.

All data is anonymised and will not be stored or shared, ever.

Please do take part as the more that do so the better information we will have to share with you all!

Thanks very much if you have clicked and completed the survey!

Watch out for our post in early 2023 with the survey results and insights!

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