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Welcome to ASMR Living where you can find out all about ASMR.

Find out what ASMR means, which ASMR artists have new videos being launched, new reviews of of Artist channels and their videos, which are the most popular ASMR videos, what topics are trending and helping you to discover new artists to help you get those tingles!

As well as all of this we will be making available all the offers that are currently featured on ASMR channels to help you save money.

A bit of background on who is running this channel. My name is Peter and I first discovered, like many people, that in given situations I started to get tingles and a light ‘buzz‘ but wasn’t quite sure what it was. And was it only me? At that time I didn’t know that ASMR existed.

It was really only with the advent of YouTube where I discovered that certain videos replicated that feeling I had in the ‘real’ world.

And that this thing had a name ‘autonomous sensory meridian response‘ or as many of us now know it ASMR!

Photo by Christin Hume

So for me at first it was massage videos and these are still pretty effective but once the YouTube algorithm got involved I started to be exposed to new types of video and found that there were tingles to be had in many other areas as well.

Nowadays it’s Barber videos such as those by Haircut Harry, outdoor, medical and role play videos that give me the best tingles.

Photo by Stefan Schauberger on Unsplash

I don’t find I am becoming desensitised and am happy to watch the same video many times, but sometimes it is great to discover new artists or tingle triggers.

It’s also interesting that there are some ASMR triggers which I can’t get along with and find a little annoying. These are chewing and slow speaking and whispering styles. Which is a shame as these obviously work for many people, just not me!

But life would be dull if we were all the same and one thing which I really love about ASMR online is the new creators and artists that are producing new and inventive content that hits the sweet spot for ASMR tingles.

So while there are a lot of well established ASMR artists which we will feature I am going to be looking in particular at new and emerging channels and trends.

I hope you all find this useful, entertaining and tingly!

Happy tingles!


4 responses to “Welcome to ASMR Living!”

  1. The beginning of something beautiful I love this and it’s really cool.
    Chewing sounds are also a personal turnoff.
    I love how you’ve written this post and I’m definitely following and reading the rest.
    So I got into ASMR through having gone through my own anxiety and depression and then finding relief and enjoyment from ASMR.
    So I launched an ASMR streaming site, marslix.com and then a blog, blog.marslix.com – almost like yours.
    I love what you’re doing here especially with the ASMR creator pages.

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